Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues

Just stumbled on this ad in the May 1983 issue of Softalk on the Internet Archive. That’s about 3 months before Origin’s first product, Ultima III, released. Sort of a developer tease/hype builder? Anyway, never seen it before, thought it might be of interest to some of the other Ultima-heads around here.

I dont think this is the specific thread for fans of neither Origin, nor Richard Garriot these days :-D

It’s the unofficial Ultima thread till someone can be arsed to make an official one!

Oh, its fine - I just meant that this thread is fairly negative (with good reason) so those interested in Origin and Garriot is probably not going to frequent it :-)

Look upthread, most of the most recent posts have nothing to do with Shroud of the Avatar lol.

Shroud is dead, I hereby declare this thread to be focused exclusively on marsupials, including but not limited to wombats, possums, wallabies, kangaroos, and bandicoots.

In that case…

Are the official dedicated severs turned off, if the they ever existed the in first place (I dunno) or whatever, asumming it wasn’t peer to peer.

Moreover, I would like to know how it is dead. (because I haven’t played it yet)

It’s not dead, the game is updated once a month. The last one was April 29th.

I believe it’s just Chris Spears working on the game now, I think Portalarium is kaput.

Unless it’s had a major revamp I’d say keep doing that. Not playing I mean.

Yeah, the damn thing interrupts my internet to download some huge patch once a month or so, lol! I never hated the game, but haven’t quite found the interest to log in again.

I’ve been a member of this place for quite some time now - I still find it impressively weird, the reluctance people here have to start a new thread for a specific subject, but instead insists of reusing ill-named existing threads, filled with thousands of posts with no attachement to the new subject.

Making a new thread instead would

  • Make it easier to find something about the subject
  • remove the clutter of posts not connected to the new subject
  • make it easier to search the thread for useful information ACTUALLY pertaining to the thread title

Anything else is just chaos.

Hell, the amount of programmers on this site must have learned as I have, the importance of correct naming.

Like you using a SotA thread to discuss the benefits of starting new threads and naming them appropriately? :D

I’m sorry! I’m teasing. I actually agree and do not like thread dumping of random unrelated info. I must have been a librarian in a past life and am a developer in this one.

Damn dude, in the amount of time it took you to make this post, you could’ve just started a new thread!

Yes, but this is IMPORTANT!

ALSO, this is the(yet another) thread that people are co-opting!

Needs more marsupial content.

I fail to see what this post has to do with marsupials.

Help is on the way!!!



Koala every hour to the rescue!