Shuttle Launch

About now.

T-minus how long until Denny starts sharing photos from the launch site?


Not soon enough
I can’t wait for the photos :)

iPad is a horrible fail as a mobile media upload/editing platform.

Lots of stuff linked from already, and I’ll post tons of cool stuff once I get back to a real computer.

Here’s my launch photo: Looks like most launch photos, except I took it!!!

I got to talk to astronaut Ron Garan today. HE’S ON THE SPACE STATION! What a seriously amazing day.

Woo hoo! They were seriously pessimistic about the weather last night, so I didn’t expect this launch to go.

I love a delicious shuttle lunch!

Very envious of Denny – seeing a shuttle launch in person was always one of those things I wanted to do. Glad this last one went smoothly. In a way it’s amazing the program lasted 30 years. That’s more than half the time NASA has been in existence.

That’s awesome. God, I’m so jealous.

I had a trip down to Florida planned earlier in the spring for the next-to-last launch, but what with the delays, and the fact that my work schedule got less flexible as time went on, the stars just didn’t come into alignment. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those life-long regrets…

How’d you get to talk to Ron Garan?

Wait, we have a space shuttle?

Friend of mine went too. Not a big fan of the shuttle program conceptually but certainly the end of an era.


Gratz Denny, great shot, wish I could have been there!!

And with that launch, so ends man’s journey into space. Nice run while it lasted.

Wait, this was the last shuttle launch? Fuck I wanted to see one of those :(

Makes me sad as well… I still hold out some hope there will be a Mars mission in my lifetime, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as much of a sure thing as it did when I was a kid.

Still, I think emphasis on manned spaceflight shouldn’t obscure the astounding work that’s been done with unmanned probes over the past 40ish years. I’ve always felt that, collectively, missions such as Galileo, Voyager, Viking, Mars Pathfinder, and Cassini constitute one of the glories of modern civilization.

Denny, that photos is badass. Felt more than a twinge of envy looking at it. Has there ever been a greater “wonder of the world” than a shuttle or a Saturn V arcing into the sky? Whenever I see such images I feel a sort of deep and primal pride for my species, raging against its gravity well with all the ingenuity it can muster.

She’s on her way back down - due to land in approx 42 mins.

There’s something exciting and reassuring about watching that control room and hearing the updates live in real time.