Sick and tired of high gasoline prices?

Hack a pump.

Bonus: get extra cash for your summer vacation.

That is certainly one solution :)
I can remember when you could puch the coke machine buttons in a specific order to get free cokes too. Kind of like that :D

If it works for Deibold…

There was a period of time a summer or two ago when it was discovered that at certain pumps, you could use your driver’s license instead of a credit card and fool the pump into letting you fill up. Memory is foggy, but it may have been limited to Meijer’s gas stations, but whatever.

The good: Free gas, and nobody had any real way to know unless they were watching closely.

The bad: The card reader was still reading of the magnetic strip, so it had the name/address of anyone who pulled the stunt. Oops to later visits from the po-po.

Or just get a drill. But watch out.

And don’t forget about this rocket scientist

Makes me want to get the corn squeezins, my banjo, and watch Deliverance in my underware on the back portch.