So my parents just came for five days, which is great, they enjoyed their grandkids and we like them and it was all good. (Hell, they treated us to a fucking outstanding dinner last night at Volterra in Seattle, best damn Italian restaurant I’ve ever eaten at.)

Except it was a disruption to the Normal Routine (with kindergarteners that’s no joke) and I was looking forward to getting Back To Normal after they left, which specifically meant having chill time with my wife and game time and hack time and just generally some me time.

And then tonight – the beginning of said anticipated me-time – I detect that faint yet horribly unmistakable tickle of a nascent sore throat.

So now I have two choices:

  1. Ignore the motherfucker, have the desired fun, and pay bitterly tomorrow and the rest of the week.

  2. Be a good boy, go to bed as soon as the kids stop bouncing around their bedrooms, and sacrifice the me time.

FUCK, what a bad pair of choices. GRUMP.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to Vent.

(Edit: And I know this is a teeny tiny motherfucking problem in the grand scheme of things, considering how many worse problems there are, even among us Qt3 members. Hell, we could just make this the Excessively Large Bitching About Excessively Small Problems thread right now and see what the fuck happens.)

I don’t see how #2 will cause you to not be any more sick than you will inevitably be, so #1 seems the obvious choice.

Unfortunately I know from repeated experience that sleeping like a fucking log is the most effective way for my body to spend its energy on anti-sicking, and staying up late is a guaranteed ticket to sick amplification.

Have you tried using a neti pot? That’s my first line of defense against anything ear-nose-throat related.

Could that tickle be allergies instead of illness? I always go through a fun couple of rounds of “Allergies Or Cold?” at the beginning of the spring/summer.

I don’t even know what a neti pot is, and I don’t have any, and it’s too late to go get any or even search to find out what it is. But I’ll keep it in mind. An ear suggestion from someone named Eayrs is not to be taken lightly.

Allergies: I wish. Haven’t had any all year and it’s not especially allergitastic today, and they never hit my throat anyway.

Going to bed now. Carry on, I wish to hear big gripes about small hassles.

Start at 1:10. They should be available at any drugstore.

Don’t worry, it’s not a contest. Just because you aren’t terminally ill that doesn’t mean we can’t empathize/sympathize.

I have no suggestions for sore throat remedies other than no talking.

I have cut off colds at the pass several times with big doses of Vitamin C.

The above posters are pussies; down a few shots of vodka to numb any sensation and plow into your favourite game. To hell with the rest of the week, live for today.

Heh, I was going to say something similar. I was on vacation last week, and on Wednesday I started to feel that little tickle at the back of my throat - the first martini each day took the edge off that nicely.

After being in a car for four days and 2000 miles between last Monday and Saturday, I am feeling pretty crappy today. Travel always kicks my ass.

I haven’t had a day off in 2 weeks, and I expect to work this weekend as well. Hooray for unpaid overtime :(

Besides the neti pot thing for sinus issues, I’ve had tons of luck with my grandmothers age-old advice … salt water gargle for 5 minutes AT LEAST twice a day when you have a sore throat. It reduces the throat swelling and might help kill bacteria as well.

I worked with a guy who said when he felt a cold coming on, he’d make a pot of the hottest chili he could make, and eat that and drink a bottle of scotch. He swore it burned the virus up, ha ha.

He said he’d be eating and drinking and sweat would be pouring off his scalp.

Well, I did in fact sleep almost 11 hours last night (the hour or so that our two-year-old son climbed into bed with me and cuddled mostly counts as sleep, since he was darn peaceful for him – my wife didn’t even know he was there!). And today I have only a very mild sore throat.

So I am still taking it easy (taking a half sick day), but tonight I am liable to have some fun with my wife :-) Grump factor at 50% and dropping. I will try a neti pot just for the heck of it.

Edit: I just looked at the neti pot thing and fucking forget it. No water up the nose kthxbye.

My last “Tickle Of a Soar Throat” turned into f*cking Pneumonia . Be careful.

Netipot is the best thing evar. Yeah, at first I had the same attitude. But then my doctor prescribed it to me to assist with getting over a viral upper respiratory infection.


you turn your head to the side and pour the warm liquid through the top nostril, and out the bottom nostril eventually slithers out what looks like a dead jellyfish. That dead jellyfish btw is all the bacteria and virus-infested mucus from your nasal cavity.

Getting rid of that glob of crap up there felt like unlocking an xbox 360 achievement.

I think this was in a Silent Hill game. That is ten kinds of freaky.

I’ll see your neti-pot and raise you spraying chloraseptic straight into your fucking nose as you snort with a finger over one nostril. My grandmother, who is 93 and healthy taught me this. Do it at least once for the feeling. You’ve only got to do a couple times, and who even cares if it works? It feels like it’s doing something. After all, the placebo effect is more powerful than a lot of new drugs these days.