Sid gets some old Microprose IP

Saw that as part of the publishing deal between Firaxis and Atari, Firaxis gets some IP. Namely:

Sid Meier’s Colonization
Covert Action
Sid Meier’s CPU Bach
F15 Strike Eagle
F19 Stealth Fighter
Sid Meier’s Pirates!
Silent Service: The Submarine Simulation

Spotted this at Frictionless Insight, btw.

What’s interesting is what isn’t in that list, and what we probably won’t see from Firaxis as a result – X-COM and Master of Magic. My guess is we will see a new Colonization sooner rather than later.

Another Gunship or Pirates! would be nice

Also, I didn’t see F117A in that list either. MS had a lot of IPS. I should know, I known each and every game they ever developed.

What? No Rex Nebular?

Wish granted!

Wish granted![/quote]

LOL!!! you cheated!!

What we really need is another CPU Bach.


Not too surprising. Firaxis has acquired rights only to the MPS titles Sid designed. Even if Infogrames was holding a garage sale, I doubt they’d put X-Com on the block, what with Aftermath still in development.


Aftermath has nothing to do with X-Com whatsoever

Aside from being nearly identical to it as a game design. I think what Peter was trying to say is: why would Infogrames sell the rights to X-Com and encourage another developer to make a game that will compete with a game that Infogrames already has in development?

Agreed! Or how about CPU Mozart for the sequel? :D

If only he got MOO

Ok, so I guess I missed it, but WHAT did Firaxis anounce at E3?

A Civ exansion. Oh, and a new Pirates!

ok, so it was a new Pirates!


No Darklands or Xcom or Master of Magic… all three were great too. Although I think Covert Action could translate well if they turned it into some Half Life 2/Unreal Warfare/Doom 3 engine game… with all the detail of being a spy.

Also we still have Railroad Tycoon 3 to look forward too, which looks pretty awesome.

Will be interesting to see how they make the new Pirates! in light of games like Sea Dogs 2 (or Pirates of Disney).


I would love to see Covert Action done properly.

Darklands! Damn I’d love a new take on that one.


Ah, I remember the release of Darklands.

“What do you mean, it doesn’t fully work? A patch is needed just to play all the way through? How do you get a patch?”

The start of an era, that was.

Hehe. Check out this message right after the program was released. Complaining about the 17MB install size and the system not recognizing Disk 9. Those were the days!

The thing I loved about Darklands was that they were the first game (in my memory) to promise an expansion at the time of release. I believe they were planning on extending the game to France. I thought it was a great idea. Too bad it never happened.

What is Reynolds and Big Huge Games (I keep wanting to say a different word rather than “Games”) doing now? They can leverage the obvious success coming for RoN into the rights and budget to do any of the above re-makes/updates.

Solved that one…next.