Sid Meier's Beyond Earth - Alpha Centauri 2?!

Two days ago I read that Firaxis would present their new “AAA strategy” game in PAX. And here it is!
Any French speaker here?

Fantastic! Only a Phantom Dust sequel would make me happier.

Yes! Thanks for sharing.

-It will be out this Fall.
-They say that, even if Alpha Centaury is an obvious inspiration, it’s not a sequel or remake of it, it’s their own idea of how would be to make a “Civ in space” (I suppose it should say “Civ in another planet”).
-Three types of “biomes” used in the planet, lush/fungal/dry
-“The DNA of Civ5 is preserved”. I suppose the core mechanics are more or less the same? Hexes, resources, 1upt?
-Mechanical expansion is different than Civ5. You start with an outpost, and first it has to survive. Only after a good number of turns they grow into cities.
-Alien fauna, you can kill them all or try to live in harmony (different bonuses, I suppose). JUST LIKE IN AVATAR! :P
-one victory goal: investigate ancient alien ruins and somehow contact with them.
-another one: re-establish contact with Earth and later help them (it seems Earth is in bad shape).
-other human factions of course, you can establish diplomacy with them since the start
-but even if it’s the future, it will have “fog of war”, because they like the exploration factor
-some kind of orbital weapons/systems that affect the ground

Was Sid actively involved in the design,or are they just stamping his name on it. Either way, count me in.

Cue Tom with a snarky A.I. comment in 5…4…3…

Seems like an unauthorized leak, it’s been pulled from the French site. Looks great, though!

Heh, I really wish I liked Civ5 better so I could be happier about it’s DNA being preserved … but this could still be great.
Like that Pandora game showed, small design decisions can really make a huge impact. We’ll see.

Thanks for sharing in any case!


Oohhh, that looks greeeeat. Thanks for sharing!

I’m interested in knowing who is designing this one. Will it be the guy who did the Civ V expansions?

I genuinely wish I could muster any enthusiasm for this, but the last title I enjoyed from Firaxis was Civ4. I found both X-Com and Civ5 to be very poor games, from either a design or technical standpoint (or both, in the case of Civ5).

On the plus side, the only place to go from here is up. With no expectations I can’t be let down and maybe they’ll surprise me!

Yep, I think they will announce it this evening, so they jumped the gun 8-10 hours too early.

Well, I quite liked both Civ 5 and XCOM, so I’m really looking forward to this. Though I wonder if it will be like Civs 4 and 5 and really come into its own after an expansion or two.


Very cool trailer!

Here I go again waiting patiently for a game I didn’t even know existed till this morning.

I read this post before seeing the author and thought “wow, Jake has a kindred soul!” :)

I’m cautiously optimistic. At this point it just looks like a mod for Civ 5.

In English.

Just point me to the pre-order button, founders edition or whatever; this is exciting news! :)

Add another vote for cautious optimism here.

That trailer does make it look like a glorified mod. I just hope this isn’t to Civ V what Colonization was to Civ IV.

I had the chance to sit down with the two lead designers, Will Miller and David McDonough

Sounds like this is Sid’s in name only. Anyone know what kind of pedigree these two have?