Sid Meier's Beyond Earth - Alpha Centauri 2?!

That’s because you are wrong, Gordon. Wrong in your brain. Unable to detect the miasma, you float along, your tissues corrupting as your oblivious mind gently strokes each seed of horror.

“Trade routes aren’t so bad,” your consciousness rambles. “I love resetting them every few turns.”

“Purple is fantastic. Beats everything but green. Oh look, green!”

“I love choosing ideologies,” you say, bemused. “This one is orange. That’s a little +1 defense right over here on my units I’ll eventually build. Hope those suckers over there don’t expect that, and get that terrible +1 to offense!”

I kid, but really BE is a poison that will turn your brain against itself until you're drooling in the corner, buying loot boxes for a mobile game you didn't even want to play in the first place.

RIP Firaxis, is what I’m trying to say here. I hope I’m not being too dramatic.

Ah, now I see.

Glad I could help! ;)

For some reason I feel like diving back in. Pray for me.

I’m going to stage an intervention here! What else is in your backlog? Have you tried Alpha Centauri 1?

Have you watched all the episodes of Real Housewifes yet?


Dude, if you’ve not played Pandora, play that instead.

So, I’m thinking maybe it is time to try the GOG SMAC with this patch. Lets it run at greater resolutions and can zoom in with mouse.

Ohhh that looks VERY intriguing.

I fully expect you’ll be bored by the time you wait a stupid amount of time to complete a ridiculous victory condition. Meanwhile the natural flora will be annoying and contribute nothing to the gameplay, possibly already gone extinct by midgame, and the incessant bothersome turn interruptions by the AI wanting to trade diplo currency will destroy whatever shreds of sanity you have remaining.

Yeah, I do often times think about playing this game too, and just have to remind myself there are better games out there.

Hmmm…maybe back to Pandora instead.

Going with your recommendation.

I already have the base game, and decided to get the DLC directly from Slitherine, since I had a loyalty coupon. I expected to get a Steam key, but got a link to a download instead.

After downloading I found the installer wouldn’t let me manually set the destination, and it couldn’t find the Steam install, so failed. I tried manually pasting the binaries, documents, and data folder, but now I just get a runtime error on launch.

Any idea how to make the version directly from Slitherine play nice with the Steam version of the game?

Gah I sadly have no idea. I’d contact slitherine and see if they’ll give you a Steam key.

I did and they showed me how to get one. Thanks

Oh that’s awesome! Yay!

If I recall, the Pandora dlc included a wholly revamped AI created by a community member that made the ai challenging and drastically improved the game as a result. Or maybe it needs to be downloaded elsewhere. I really can not remember right now.

I was thinking those are the Gladius folks as well right, and then wondered what they are currently up to. They are working on this:

I saw that! Very exciting!

That reminds me that I need to play Pandora one of these days. I own it, so…

I was wondering what changed about Beyond Earth when I saw this thread with so many posts. Apparently nothing changed.