Sid Meier's Railroads

Looking forward to this. Here is the official announcement.

Oh hells yeah.

Is there any possible way that this won’t be great?

Firaxis is hungry for a Quarterlies threepeat, I think.

Screenies up at Gamespot.


Given that we’ve already seen two successors to Railroad Tycoon, both of which were supposed to be quite good, I’m surprised we’re getting yet another remake of Railroad Tycoon. Is Firaxis just out of ideas? (Yes, I know it’s an update to Railroad Tycoon and I’m fully aware of how good RRT was, but RRT2 is still a solid game, and I know there was even a 3D upgrade in RRT3. It would seem that revisiting old properties would get a bit more mileage in other areas. I’d much rather see “Sid Meier’s Archon”* or something.)

*Even though he had nothing to do, AFAIK, with the original Archon.

Quiet, you.

RT3 left me cold for some reason… it just lacked a certain something*

It’s the same engine as Civ4 and Pirates! and it looks wonderful (allthough the winding tracks zigzagging a pretty featureless town looks kinda silly). I have faith in Firaxis doing a hattrick.

[SIZE=“1”]*dare I say fun?[/SIZE]

It’s whispered that Sid owns the rights to the X-Com brand.

RRT2 is the one game i have installed on every computer since I first got the game. Easily one of my top 5 games of all time.

What will Sid do with this world? Add dancing? Ehh…

I love that sketch of the guy with the hat.

Either Meier or Firaxis has the rights to most of the old Microprose IP. I think that includes X-Com.

I never understood the appeal of Railroad train simulator type games. What’s the deal?

RRT2 was not a train simulation but an economic simulation built using trains.

Somebody broke an NDA. :(

Since it’s already out in the open, most of the Railroads! development team is working on the Robber Baron Ballroom, in which you’ll dance through the years using historical dances, including the jitterbug.


Railroad Tycoon isn’t really a train simulator. Trains are the theme, and I’ll admit that the game has a “model railroad” quality that is appealing, at least to me. But at its core, the game is a business sim. You play a rail baron building a transportation empire, by fair means or foul. That’s the main draw.

Sword of the Samurai 2, please.

Ugg. Didn’t they notice those great games from PopTop? Fill a niche for chris’sake.

Yes and Masters of Magic as well.