Sid Meier's Railroads

Doesn’t Atari still own that? I thought that’s who Brad Wardell was negotiating with for the licence.

At that time they did. Since then last year Atari sold a bunch of the rights to Firaxis.

It should read:

Legendary Designer Sid Meier Returns to Endlessly Reinvent the Classic … Franchise

No more fresh ideas, ahoy!

  1. Take a proven nostalgic design
  2. Slap on new coat of paint
  3. Slap Sid Meier’s name on it
    4 …
    5 Profit!

I mean, it’s like “Coming Soon – George Lucas’s STAR WARS EPISODE I”…

er already been done I guess

Hmm, frankly Firaxis has quite a challenge to make a better game than RRT2. There’s plenty of other Microprose IPs that deserve a remake, I have no idea why they chose this.

That said, I love the games that result from this so just lets hope the magic continues.

Civ IV /= SW: Episode I

Pirates! /= SW: Episode I

I mean, do we really need all the hyperbole? I think it’s perfectly fair to say that you wish Sid & Co. would do something totally new. But their remakes, by and large, have been excellent games. Civ IV is easily the best strategy game I’ve played in years. It’s not just a new coat of paint; it’s a new coat of paint and a new, tricked out 900hp engine.

I’d like to see Firaxis do something new sometime, too, but as long as their remakes continue to be as good as Pirates! and Civ IV, I’ll keep my complaining to a minimum.

I’d like to see Firaxis do something new sometime, too, but as long as their remakes continue to be as good as Pirates! and Civ IV, I’ll keep my complaining to a minimum.

Well maybe I’m just a schmuck for thinking that “fun, great games based on new IP” > “fun, great games based on ancient IP”

But that’s pretty much not how the whole game thing works any more I guess

You’re not a schmuck for thinking that; you’re just a schmuck for comparing Civ IV to the Phantom Menace, which is possibly the weakest analogy that I’ve ever seen (Really, can two things possibly be more unlike each other? George Lucas’ epic display of how much he doesn’t get Star Wars vs. Soren Johnson’s epic display of how much he does get Civ).

I don’t really agree that “fun, great games based on new IP” > “fun, great games based on ancient IP,” either. I’m always happy to play a fun, great game no matter how new or old the IP is.

SimGolf was a fun, original game. Did it sell as well as Pirates(!)? You can’t really blame Sid for acquiesing when fans are constantly saying “Remake X-Com! Remake Master of Magic! Remake Game X!”

The one thing I enjoyed from the original that’s missing in the Poptop versions is the operation logistics. For me it was very satisfying to optimize your rail lines using spurs, switches, and priorities. I hope they expand on this.

It doesn’t really seem the games from say 1995-2005 have more originality than 1990-1995. From 2000 on I’d say the big thing is pervasive internet connections in the market, so there’s a lot of games focusing on them - you’ve got MMRPGs, shooters, and command and conquer clones. You’ve got better graphics/sound. And yes, better interfaces.

Bestselling chart of 2002 according to some googling:

Excluding the 5 sims titles, there’s Medal of Honor (shooter), Zoo tycoon, harry potter, and warcraft 3 (FPS).

I’m trying to remember the games I’ve bought the few years or so.

Europa 1400
battlefield series (FPS)
total war (RTS with campaign layer)
Silent Storm (Jagged alliance clone)
Civ4 (Civ clone)
Black+White 2, The Movies: They are original. Too bad they are not really fun.

I’d have to say the top 2 games are original, maybe something to do with European love of board games.

I’d love a Sword of the Samurai 2 with mouse support and graphics above monochrome CGA.

There’s a a few differences between Star Wars Episode 4 and Civ 4. One movie is aimed at people over the age of 18. One movie focuses on special effects. One of these makes me fall asleep in the theater. One makes me stay up all night.

How bout Covert Action… that game was pretty cool. Should remake that.


The deal is this thread is not for you.

Furthermore: ‘Fap fap fap fap’ :)

While har har, “Sid Meier” branding jokes are funny, I’ve been told that Sid is the designer on this one, and he did the prototyping.

My thoughts exactly. The original RRT had several aspects to it, but one thing that Sid mentioned in his Designer Notes is that he really wanted people to feel like they were railroad operators. He wanted to “retain the feel of day to day train operations within the framework of running a big railroad”. So a big part of the game was controlling switches, carefully managing train manifests, and managing switching yards.

RRT2 took out many of the operational aspects of the original RRT, which I really missed. For example, I really missed the inclusion of train signals. Also RRT2 just didn’t give me as much control over my trains, their loads, and managing my switching yards. As I recall, some control was added back in the RRT2 expansion, but for me RRT2 and RRT3 never achieved that level of train operating nirvana that RRT had.

Also RRT2 and RRT3 seemed to focus more on short scenarios whereas the original focused on much longer term empire building – the original game had you run a railroad for 100 years. For me a game of the original RRT was a long affair on order of building an empire in Civ, whereas the Poptop scenarios generally felt more like short term puzzles involving problem solving in specific situations.

RRT2 and RRT3 weren’t bad games, but in some respects, they weren’t direct successors to the original RRT. I’m looking forward to seeing what Firaxis does, and I’m hoping they take their starting point as the original Railroad Tycoon, rather than the newer non-Sid Meier games.

I’m hoping Firaxis takes the game back to its roots. If they can take the original RRT and improve it the same way Civ4 improved on the previous Civs, we could have a truly great game.

Take the Pirates! engine and give me a Sid Meier’s Nantucket Whaleboat Tycoon!

I wonder if the Poptop RRT games are why this one’s not using the “Tycoon” moniker?

I thought RRT was a good game – vaguely remember giving it a postive review for somebody back in the dark ages – but it didn’t capture the 2:45 magic of the first one for me. So I’m very much looking forward to this one. The original RRT (along with CYAC) were what first made this die-hard Amiga geek bring a PC into his house…

You are a Godly man…

Well then thats ever better. :D