Sid Meirs Pirates! for PSP no longer in retail?

A week or so ago I was in a Gamestop, looked for Pirates!, didn’t find it and didn’t think much of it since GS’s stock can get wonky.

I noticed it wasn’t in Wal-mart, thought it was a little odd, but their stock can get wonky.

So today I started checking store inventories. Best Buy doesn’t show it in their database, neither does GameStop. Target just shows it as online only (not available in stores). Amazon does have it.

What gives?

Short answer: It didn’t sell well. When sales are low, if the stock eventually sells out it won’t get restocked, or it’ll get bumped off the shelves for newer titles. It’s also unlikely that there would be another production run, so if you want a new copy, probably best to buy it soonish while some places still do have it in stock.

I saw it at Toys R Us in the clearance bins just last week.

Thanks. I’ll stop by on my way home.