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A little about me. I’m a bald, head shaving, guy that works in an open office environment with his monitor facing the room. List of topics: Hitler vegetarian stuff, something about The Confederate Flag and threads about Jew and/or gay bashing. Not that the content isn’t good stuff for any of these but damn I feel self conscious pulling this forum up when people are walking by.

Can we get back to Ann Coulter?

You need to get back to work slacker.

New subject: Incontinence and Adult Diapers. Don’t be embarrassed now!

Shine your head until the glare makes your monitor unreadable.

You’re going to need to reconfigure your desk, if you expect to get any posting done. :)

Ya see? This kind of support is what makes Qt3 boards the best. <angles his monitor away from coworkers>. :)

Today on Iron Chef: Sperm Whale Placentas! Yummm!!! :lol: