Siege of Centauri Announced


Now that’s what I’m missing in my life.


Been year since last I was hooked on a TD game. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out.


The Founder’s Program for Siege of Centauri will launch on March 28th, which will let you play a beta version of the game.

Here’s an excerpt from the forum post:

“With tens of thousands of enemy machines pouring toward your base, we want to give players a very new experience of what it means to defend yourselves against overwhelming odds,” said Derek Paxton, lead designer of Siege of Centauri . “It takes little explaining to the player on the benefits between a rail gun that fires 1 deadly round every 10 seconds, and a high-speed plasma arc array that does low damage, but to dozens of enemies at once, when you can visibly see a huge mothership surrounded by hundreds of escorts coming at you.”

You can read the full deal here.



You sieged my Centauri!


I love this screenshot of the game. Really gives you a feel for the scope and mass of enemies.

I’m going to sign up for the Founders Program today. Cannot wait.


The Ashes founder program is paying for itself in spades.


I haven’t seen mentioned and I asked on their forums but got no reply, will this be a Steam game?


That’s a good question, and I don’t know myself.

Not an official source, but this website mentioned a Steam Early Access launch.


Yes, the game is planned to be on Steam!


Thanks for taking the time to answer!


I was hoping for an Impulse exclusive! :(


Founder’s Beta Access starts today, just got my key from Stardock.

In the Founder’s beta, you will:
Create defensive strategies using a wide variety of towers and ways to deploy them.
Deploy orbital abilities, such as EMP strikes, to destroy groups of enemies.
Watch beautiful destruction by building the perfect death trap and witnessing thousands of enemies crumbling against it.
Battle dangerous enemies, some of which will continue to respawn if you don’t kill them quickly enough, or disable towers when destroyed too closely to them.

Features to look forward to:
Survival Mode
Online Leaderboards
Additional maps and challenges

NDA on screenshots and video, but players can talk about the game.


Oh that’s too bad. Now there will be no possible way to see the game in motion.

Maybe we could get a courtroom sketch artist to provide some media.


Game looks a lot better in motion than the reveal screenshots let on.


It’s just under NDA till it goes into early access! When it does, people can share videos and screenshots.


That only took eleven minutes!


It actually took 5 seconds, but I observed the game for several minutes too.


So far… good foundation for great game. Lets hope this game catches on like wildfire.


Is there anything that separates this game out from the typical Tower Defense experience?


You can call in units for a limited time to delay the enemy waves, they do pretty decent damage. And you can move them around the map like a rts.

The mortar tower needs serious work, I posted suggestions on the founders forum. :)