Siege of Centauri

I purchased a discrete Founders key for Siege recently and the email that delivered my Steam key included the NDA statement.

Perhaps that was accidentally omitted from emails sent to Ashes Founders?

The Game itself might need to include an NDA statement in the UI at startup?

Yeah, if those emails were meant to go out, I never got one. All three of mine are generic Stardock emails announcing the game or taking about the Centauri Founder’s program.

I’m not about to parade around footage of the game or anything, but that door is currently wide open to anyone else who didn’t get an email either.

I ♡ Milton.

I <3 overcharged Minos Cannons. Absolutely hilarious.

Yeah, minos cannons with a smattering of arc projectors to clean up trash have been doing most of the damage for me.

I’m not sure if it was a one-off bug or what, but I was able to get a Minos Cannon with a reload time of -800 seconds through Overcharge. I didn’t think that happened the first time I overcharged one, but it basically turned into an infinite rate-of-fire murder machine that put Milton to shame.

Sounds like a bug, It should only increase rate of fire by 4x I think. Heh, that would be funny to watch.

Early Access on Steam starts next week! A new trailer debuted today, also.

Yeah there is a bug with Overcharge and EMP that causes them to last permanently. We have a fix for it internally but I had to pull it form yesterdays update because it broke something else. The fix will be in the next patch.

EA beta plan:

Yeah, the latest update dropped it down to 4 maps for now.

Page is up and Early Access is live! Maps will continue to release throughout the EA period, too.

@Tatiora I think Mission 1 is broken, upon entering the map I get 0/0 waves and can do nothing but build towers, lol.

Mission 2 works fine.

Mission 3 I keep getting a crash to desktop, I submitted an automatic bug report.

Thanks for letting me know! I will pass along to the team.

A few questions -

Did you wait for the dialogue to finish and then drop your gun turrets? The waves should start arriving after you build your first one and then the mission should continue to give you more options from there.

If you’ve placed your turrets and nothing arrives, then that’s definitely an issue! But I haven’t been able to re-produce the problem after a few attempts. Can you give me a little more info?


@Kael, I didn’t realize you were one of the developers. I went ahead and got it and wanted to give you a little feedback.

  • Since the towers need to take line of sight into consideration, there needs to be a way to see what the tower’s sight lines are. Without a way to see that, this could be a very frustrating mechanic.

  • The gun swivel can get a little frustrating too, especially for something like the particle cannon. I’d think the tower should be tracking the objects coming in, not just turning around its axis until one gets into range.

  • I couldn’t really tell if the corrosion mortar was hitting anything.

  • Looks like the scoring options are complex and can allow for some neat optimizations to achieve high scores (like Defense Grid). I didn’t dig into i, but it looks very promising for people that want to do that.

Only played 2 missions, seems pretty cool. I look forward to playing more (though probably not during early access). I’d say the tower’s sight lines are probably the most important thing for me.

I tried earlier today and its working as intended, enemy waves incoming!

Recent update really bumped this game’s QoL features, a decent grid system for dropping down towers, towers that are looking cool and are becoming more unique.

This is shaping up nicely.

I’m expecting the best TD game ever. Brad said so and he better not be wrong :)


I missed posting a couple since it hit steam, just assume every beta since 1 has made the game better. ;)

Beta 2 is out today! The equip screen is now in the game, along weapon customization, new missions, and new towers. Here’s the gameplay trailer.