Sifu - You’ll know kung fu eventually

I still have my Epic coupon, so price of $30 doesn’t sound unreasonable to me. I’m just not sure if the repetition and the actual gameplay will be something I will get satisfaction out of, or just be annoyed by.

Here’s the launch trailer.

I’m liking it but it is somewhat of a mixed bag. It’s very much about trying to master the combat system. The game looks cool, combat and level art. I’m a bit less enamored with the unlock system which feels maybe a bit grindy if you want to permanently unlock some skills.

I haven’t made it that far to judge yet. The only concern I had initially was they have a few special attacks that require you to flick the control stick twice in the same direction, which is the worst gamepad motion. I always hated that about DmC (because they were afraid to require lock-on, though not to say this game should have it).

The skills don’t seem very critical though.

I’ve got a few hours in, and it’s a rogue like with kung fu. You go as far as you can before you die unlock some skills and then come back and try to do it again without dying as much. The first time through a level you have to go the long way, then shortcuts open up and other secrets. The first level has a door you cant get through until you’ve gone to one of the later levels.
The skill unlocks feel forgiving you unlock the skill first then have to pay 5 more times to unlock it permanently and even if you don’t unlock it all the way it stays paid for. So if you pay 3 of the 5 to unlock, it stays at that on another run.
I’m not a fan of the souls games type of games like fallen order but I’ve been having a blast with this.

When they gave this game a title, didn’t they realize how easy it would be easy to misread the name of the game as STFU? LOL. That’s what I see every time the thread gets bumped :)

You know what to do @jpinard

Sifu doesn’t seem like a great name because you’re not, as far as I can tell, a sifu.

But what if the game itself is the sifu, and the player is the student??


Ok, something else that I don’t really get: from what I’ve seen, when you die you lose some life years as you resurrect, and with them health. Ok, well and good, because the talisman or whatever is sucking years away from you as the price of death, Sekiro-style, maybe? I can accept that. But apparently your attacks also get stronger as you age, and one reviewer said something like, “to reflect the years of training,” but…there are no years? And no training? I understand it’s a game mechanic, but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

I haven’t played this but maybe… is it the years “you would have spent training”?

I’m always amused what distracts people in a videogame. None of us are immune!

I just want to get home and play. I’ve been reading mixed impressions from the hardcore action games Discord I’m on, but they’re all whiny babies anyway.

Well, in Brazilian Portuguese, “sifu” is slang for “got f*cked” (in the “bad things happened” sense, not the “had fun” sense).

So yeah, conversations about this game in Portuguese shall be… interesting. ;)

Were you listening to the dude’s story???

No… I haven’t played it?

It is quite good, but hard, like soul hard. Can’t really mesh buttons to get pass the boss. Control is responsive, graphic is serviceable on PC.

It is rougelike, when you die, you get older, your attack hit harder, but also lower your health depend on age. And you can unlock skills upon your death via XP, and when you go through level, you can also visit the shrine to upgrade.

Best tip I can give is git gud on directional dodge: I play with Xbox controller: so basically hold in LB, then flick Left direction stick up/down, to direction dodge the high/low attacks. It is kind essential to learn this, as otherwise the bosses are gonna give you much grief.

To quote the comment you were replying to.

I don’t think you were following my suggested head cannon. No worries.

To clarify just a bit. This is a different thing than the dodge button. So there is a dodge button for creating space, then there is the more what I’ll call the combat dodge, or bob and weave, where you hold down block and push in a direction to quickly lean in a direction, left right or duck or jump, these are done while staying on the same spot as opposed to the R2 dodge which moves you across ground.

Sifu sounds intimidating!

Then again, I thought the same thing about Sekiro and we all know how that ended…

It ended with victory and I was covered in glory.

To help with the discussion, the game calls those bob and weave dodges “Avoids.” Are there left/right avoids too? The tutorial only mentioned duck and jump.

Do not seek the path of glory. Only revenge. Wait, maybe mastery? That seems better.