Sifu - You’ll know kung fu eventually

To quote the comment you were replying to.

I don’t think you were following my suggested head cannon. No worries.

To clarify just a bit. This is a different thing than the dodge button. So there is a dodge button for creating space, then there is the more what I’ll call the combat dodge, or bob and weave, where you hold down block and push in a direction to quickly lean in a direction, left right or duck or jump, these are done while staying on the same spot as opposed to the R2 dodge which moves you across ground.

Sifu sounds intimidating!

Then again, I thought the same thing about Sekiro and we all know how that ended…

It ended with victory and I was covered in glory.

To help with the discussion, the game calls those bob and weave dodges “Avoids.” Are there left/right avoids too? The tutorial only mentioned duck and jump.

Do not seek the path of glory. Only revenge. Wait, maybe mastery? That seems better.

Well it is a magic Talisman so I can accept that there is no logic involved lol

I had no idea that when you die you come back to life right where you fell. I thought you’d go back to the beginning of the level or something. I would have to re-read a bunch of reviews to make sense of them with this in mind. Better yet, I’ll just keep playing the game!

The first level was good. I definitely felt pretty badass.

My early strategy for boss fights: use your posture meter as a resource to block strings of attacks until the final hit where you can avoid at the end, and then counterattack of course. It gives you more time to recognize the pattern, which also helps you learn it. It helps to have the upgrade that restores posture on a successful avoid.

Ok, managed to get a no death run of the first level and now into level two at 20.

This game definitely has style. Dying repeatedly breaks the spell, but when you’re in the flow it’s very slick.

The third boss seems rough. At least this level has the easiest boss run.

I will say the one-way doors in some of these levels give me the worst side path anxiety I’ve had from a game in years. I have to remind myself I’ll be going through the levels again for efficiency anyway.

are they specific what kind of Kung Fu is? Certainly not Wing Chun, because we do not have blocking in a traditional sense. It is more parry than block.

I read Bak Mei.

Games in general are pretty unrealistic about the whole blocking thing, for understandable reasons, regardless of the art portrayed. Pretty sure Absolver had Wing Chun stuff and blocking.

I finished my first playthrough, age 36. I resisted going back to previous levels to optimize my age, but once I did it was very straightforward. You don’t need to reach the last mission at age 20 or anything crazy. Just limit it to a couple deaths per level. It’s better to miss one shrine than run through the entire level again.

Some random tips:

  • I didn’t realize until later in the game that blocking with a weapon will prevent you from taking chip damage from certain attacks.
  • I also had a lot of trouble doing damage to the last boss until I looked up one of the best attacks. Be sure to unlock the uh, I think it’s called Lightning Strikes? It’s in the final block of skills I think (where you have to unlock before age 29) and it’s where you press Y, delay for a split second, then press Y again. So much structure damage. It really, really helps.

There’s still more to do. I think I’ll take a break first and try to wrap up MH: Rise before Elden Ring.

Well done.

I bought this on PS4 with my PC out of commission. Damn, it is hard. Might actually be harder than Sekiro. Can’t get past the second stage. Best age reaching it so far is 31.

Picked it up to play this morning and really enjoying it. Definitely hard!

Definitely in love with this game

That’s joyous to hear! Games that can inspire love in a few catch my attention more than ones that are broadly mildly liked. So, I guess I’ll consider Sifu. It just has to come after Sekiro, which I swear I will get back to.

I’m really tempted but not at $30. I think I’ll wait for it to come to Steam, hopefully after it’s been out a year come February.