*sigh* Pirates! copy protection is making me its bitch :(

Bought the collectors Edition of Pirates! tonight, install went fine… went to launch it and it instructed me to Please insert my original copy of the game instead of a backup… it directs me to this page: http://www.securom.com/copy for more info…

I’m not sing a backup, so I don’t really know WTF to do… go get another copy? Can’t find any posts anywhere of others having this problem… anyone here having problems? Ideas?

Here’s the error:

Heh… maybe I should just go warez it… I bet they don’t have this problem :?

Fucking steam

Have daemon tools or nero installed?

An OEM version of Nero came on my laptop (Aleinware) I would uninstall it, but it’s what I use to burn/rip CDs :( Is this likely the culprit?

You don’t have to remove all of Nero. You just want to be sure Nero Imagedrive and InCD aren’t running.

Make sure all virus checking software is temporarily disabled. Might wanna temporarily shutdown your firewall(s) too.

I’d ignore this shit and get a no-CD crack. The problems only begin when there’s no crack out yet.

Well, as I understand, SecureRom isn’t that hard to break. The only hards ones now days are the newest Safedisc and Starforce.

I don’t have any Nero apps running and don’t have virus prot. or firewall on… over at the Atari forums, there’s a few more people having the poblem… most of them have the DVD also…

I guess I can go look for a no CD crack, but it’s been a long time… if someone were to PM me a link about how/where to get that, I’d appreciate it… :?

Ah yes, this is how it starts. Soon you will be a stinking pirate! (kidding)

Seriously your best bet is the no-cd crack. No reason to feel bad since you actually own the game. You will just have a to wait a few days till the crack shows up.


I’m going to pirate this game in protest of copy protection. Won’t even play it… but I’m going to download it.

Had a kinda similar problem with SecuROM and the last Atari game, RCT3. By upgrading my ASPI drivers (even though I have no SCSI drives or interfaces) I was able to play the game without a no-CD crack.

Perhaps it will work for this game and your situation?



Also, make sure you’re not sitting down, ready to play the game. And that you bought it from an outlet that allows returns. And that you use any connections you might have in the industry to find out who greenlighted the use of SecuROM for this game and sell him a fucking car that won’t start if he’s wearing pants.

Securom is crap. It was causing blue screen crashes on our game so we scrapped it. Good luck with finding a workaround!