Sigma Star Saga

So… anyone played this yet? I was really excited when it was mentioned in the DS thread, but it looks like the first online review is a disappointing 7.2 from Gamespot. Can anyone confirm or deny the quality of this thing?

Game Informer, Nintendo Power, and Play Magazine all gave it an 85, and that’s good enough for me, dammit. I ordered it online, so if you’re still on the fence when I get it I’ll let you know.

The guys who reviewed it at my magazine gave it a 4 and a 4.5 out of 5, respectively.

One of them compared it to The Guardian Legend, so now I’m pretty much bound and determined to check it out.

If any of you guys would like to do a quick write-up after your play-time, please give us some feedback on this one. I’d have to say that I am skeptical about the good reviews this game is getting.

Man, Guardian Legend. It’s like they took Zaxan and turned it up to 11, or however close you could get on an 8-bit system. Beads-on-a-string gameplay linking an overworld and a corridor shooter. I’m surprised that nobody’s done anything like it until now.


(also since I am too lazy to search, how can I get Hardcore Gamer Magazine in my mailbox?)

You know, I could never get into Guardian legend. I basically would turn it on, start the game, and have a seizure twenty seconds later.

But I hear it’s good!

First impression: God this game blows. Inexplicably, you move at a snail’s pace unless you hold B, in which case you move at a normal speed. There seems to be no penalty for just holding B all the time, except then it’s nearly impossible to keep hammering on the A button to shoot. Maybe I’m missing something.

I don’t think you’re missing anything. I got worked over by stage 1 about five times before I finally finished it.

Here’s the thing. You walk around a world map as your human character. From time to time, a random battle will occur, and you will be summoned to your ship, where you’ll have to kill X number of enemies.

the catch:The ship you pilot is random each time too. Sometimes you get an awesome, fast moving shark-shaped ship. Sometimes, you get a sloooooow transport carrier. Sometimes, you get a boss fight AND the slow transport carrier. In fact, sometimes you get a boss that is impossible to beat with the transport carrier, because you can’t move out of the way fast enough.

Yeah, I finished the first level and like it better now. I kind of like how you don’t know what ship you’ll get in the random battles. I don’t like that most of the gun data sucks, but that’s ok, I just use the ones I like.

Fuck. I still don’t have this shit and I ordered it a week before release. Never buy newly-launching games from! It hasn’t even shipped yet.