Sigma Theory May Be Early Access But Still Deserves It's Own Thread

Right now it’s very playable in sandbox mode, with the only work remaining from what I can tell, being balancing and getting the campaign in.

It’s a very good boardgame-like spycraft manaement thingy. Rather than me trying to explain it, here’s a good overview:

There is an agent named Gamera. They do not appear to be a turtle. This needs to be corrected.

Gamera is really neat.

He is made of turtle meat.

We all love you, Gameraaaaaaaa.

Out of Early Access tomorrow (Thurs). I haven’t touched it in months, so I’m anxious to see what they did with the campaign.

So what ever came of this? Does anyone have a good take on whether it’s worth time & money?

I played it for a stream a little while back. Got so, so bored.

Good to know - it looks like a game I’d love, but I can see it playing like a glorified FB game.

No idea on if its good/fun, the developer mentioned here that there is a planned February update. So its still being supported post 1.0

That’s pretty much it, yeah.

So this is pretty cheap on sale now - how did it turn out to be?

OK. Nothing special