Signs that your coworkers are actually cow-orkers

  1. They write email in rich text and use Comic Sans as the font.
  2. They send email to the entire company when some minor system that affects one department is down for one hour

What is bovine about Comic Sans and rich text?

Need 20mg of Sparky photoshop magic, stat! Cow-Ork hybrid.

Number 2 is bovine as all hell, but Comic Sans? Comic Sans makes all communication seem like comic book talk. Holy fonts, how can you fault that?

And Rich Text? It’s like the default setting for god’s sake. Do all the hip people use plain text or HTML?

Not that I’m feeling indicted for my choice of fonts, mind you.

  1. They alt-tab over to level their Tauren druid?

Seriously. Next thing you know they’ll be posting on the whole internet about their own annoying coworkers!

Like you were doing anything productive anyway.

Rich text doesn’t bother me… Comic Sans though… ugh.

Plain text for life. If I want to see your fruity choice of fonts, I’ll go read your even fruitier blog.

See, what I can’t stand is geeks reading all my cleverly formatted mails in plain text and typing away on a 20 year old noisy as hell IBM keyboard, because it makes them feel superior to the rest of us with our newfangled wireless keyboards…

But Comic Sans… ugh!

But it works for jerkcity so well!

I will never in my life understand font snobs. Or food snobs. Or music snobs. Or fashion snobs. Or anyone.

I used to work at a place that had a bunch of cow-orkers who’d use the handicapped guy door-opener button because the waddle up the three stairs from the sidewalk to the building would wind their 300 pound asses so badly they couldn’t possibly open the door by hand at that point.

Yeah, it was a government job.

I will never in my life understand font snobs.

Wait until you get your first serious document written using a Star Trek font.

In the same way that I can’t really take people who write to me using txt speak seriously, I find it very hard to take any document seriously when it is formatted in a “joke” font and comic sans just reminds me of, well, comics.

It’s about professionalism. Comic Sans just simply does not look professional. It’s the equivalent of writing memos in purple crayon, and dotting your i’s with little hearts.

Saying the word “font” over and over makes it start to sound like some other word that you’re mispronouncing. Also, I dotted my i’s with hearts, but you can’t tell.

See, that’s what I don’t get. It’s a font. It looks like any other font, only with slightly more curves. I can hardly tell it apart from any other font. I can barely discern between fonts at all. I think this is an invented problem.

Bob uses Comic Sans.

I don’t know what font I use. Whatever the default is, because I send all my emails in plain text.

See, that’s great, you’ve left the font type up to the reader. If they want to read in Comic Sans, not a problem!

Me, I send most of my emails out in RTF, with a default Arial font. However, when ever I paste thing into Outlook, the formatting goes straight to hell, so I flip to plain text at that point and repaste it.

I mean, I copy code from Visual Studio into Outlook. It totally fubars the text. WTF. Format->Plain Text… ahhhh…