Sigs not appearing? What's up with that?

Just wondering.

they’re turned off… i guess the fact that no-one else has one here kind of slipped by, huh? :)

No, I saw that too. Was there an announcement about it? I looked for one, but maybe not hard enough…

it’s been that way since Qt3 began using phpBB. as far as being announced, i don’t know that it ever was specifically, but it’s been brought up several times in the past. i believe it’s to prevent people from ending up with sigs that resemble encyclopedias of stupidity… same goes for avatars, too, i guess.

oh yeah, it’s also (likely) a smaller resource hit on the server hosting things by not having that kind of stuff available.

I had a link to the no. 1 horror example of people using sigs, but unfortunately it seems the server that had it died.
In short, sigs are stupid.

I frequented a clan homepage and once complimented the people there about how they had the good taste not to display awful and/or embarrassing sigs. Then someone told me that it was an option that I had turned off. I turned it on and was almost blinded by the sheer retardedness of their sigs and avatars.
Although part of me thinks that there could be some great in-joke sigs happening here, I’m really glad that there aren’t any.

If it was limited to 38 letters and no pictures, everyone would almost have to go with “Most respected sig on this forum, by far”

[size=6]In short, sigs are stupid.[/size]

I couldnt agree more.

Can I use that as my sig?

The minute QT3 turns on sigs or avatars, I’ll kill a puppy. A cute one.

This calls for the de facto sig! It’ll be just like the days of yore, during my phase as a Final Fantasy forum maniac.

You mean, “Most respected sig on this forum, by f”.

Be sure to use a picture of its bloody corpse as your avatar.

And then there will be arguments about people stealing each other’s avatars.

“Dude, that dead puppy avatar is mine.”

“No it’s not. I’ve been using it since 1998 when I found it on FARK.”

“I killed my puppy in 1995 and here are all the pictures I took.”

“My bad. Guess I’ll have to switch to the monkey in sunglasses.”

Frequently people use the Location: field as a pseudo-sig.


If you are looking to populate your sig file, then you need look no further than the collected works of Mike Tyson. He’s our generation’s Jack Handey. Take a look. Grab any quote from this page and I guarantee it will make a perfect sig file.

“[He] called me a ‘rapist’ and a ‘recluse.’ I’m not a recluse.”

Priceless. Thank you so, so much.

“I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah.”


Wow, I had no idea Wikiquote existed. Awesome site!

You mean, “Most respected sig on this forum, by f”.[/quote]
I hate you now :(