Silent hill 3 - the most demented game ever?!

Anybody finish this demented, demented game? Someone want to explain how this hooks up with #2? Is there no connection? I’m busy changing my shorts.

From what I’ve heard, there is no connection with #2, but there is a connection with #1. The soundtrack would seem to suggest this, since one of the tracks has some pieces from the SH1 soundtrack.

There’s no connection to #2, other than a few vague references. Basically, when 2 came out there was a vocal part of the fanbase that was outraged that it wasn’t a direct sequel to 1. So 4 will likely be like 2 and have no relation to the other games other than being in the same town.

I liked 2, insofar as it expanded on the nature of the town, and was a great study in the character of one pathetic loser. However, I felt it suffered for not having as much of the “other side” elements, and really lacked the dark and disturbing nature of SH1. So far, SH3 is a winner in that regard.

It also has the first fucking protagonist, of any Silent Hill game, that I didn’t want to punch in the face for being such a wimp. Heather kicks ass.

SH1 - the creepiest and it still has my vote for most demented game ever.

SH2 - greatest job of storytelling.

SH3 - most enjoyable combat.

I hope that they can find a way to blend the best elements from these games into a cohesive whole for the sequel. Every time I play a new Silent Hill, it goes like this: I’m drawn in like a motherfucker, I get frustrated to no end by stupid shit, I’m compelled to finish it because there’s always one element that gets me hooked, on balance I really like it, I don’t like it enough to replay it and unlock hidden goodies.