Silent Hill: Downpour some sugar on me

I didn’t see a thread for this, so here we are.

Well it looks like I’ve been jonesing for a survival horror game, because I am powering through this one and am enjoying it quite a bit. Picked this up during a Gamefly sale and have been putting most of my gaming time into it since. After being disappointed by Silent Hill: Homecoming I kind of ignored this one. Downpour isn’t perfect, but the world design and atmosphere are pretty great at times. The storyline has kept me intrigued even though the characters are bland. The enemies though are godawful, as is the combat. The ones I’ve encountered so far are completely uninspired and never scary. Haven’t had a boss fight either.

I like the throwbacks to the past games, but they are easily missed if you don’t use a guide. One thing I absolutely love is the focus on melee weapons. In 7 or 8ish hours, I have found one gun, and I haven’t even used it yet. Even in Silent Hill 3 I remember getting submachine guns and such. They did some neat things with the Otherworld, but it definitely lacks the dread of past games. Overall, I’d put this just below the original trilogy but above The Room and Homecoming. Haven’t played Shattered Memories or Origins yet.

So did anyone else play this? Oh, and did anyone play the Silent Hill game on Vita? I heard it was atrocious.