Silent Hunter 3 has sold over 300,000 units

Can you imagine what it would have sold WITHOUT Starforce?

300,000 is pretty damn impressive for any pc game… especially one that’s a sim.

Maybe 50 more copies.

What Olaf said. ‘Joe Average’ really doesn’t care about what kind of copy protection is being used or not used. ‘Joe Average’ wouldn’t know what Starforce is.

300,000 is pretty damn impressive for any pc game… especially one that’s a sim.

You’re underestimating the number of copies a game can sell in Eastern Europe. E.g., in Russia a title that sells well will top 100,000 - 200,000 units. Companies usually earn less though per sold box since most new games cost $2-5. Op Flashpoint has sold 1.5+ million copies, Hidden & Dangerous more than 1 million - rest assured that a large part of that was shipped in Eastern Europe. (And partially Germany, where the PC market is still stronger compared to markets such as the UK.)


And about 500,000 more pirated copies. LOL

You seem to be under the illusion that copy protection somehow stops pirates.

I think you’ll find he isn’t, that’s why he said “more”.

In this case I think it was more about Starforce vs Safedisc or similar. They will both be cracked, but one annoys certain users a lot more.

I still remember people saying SH3 wouldn’t sell more than 25,000 units and it was a waste of money to make. I’m just glad there’s a market out there somewhere to support this.


So, I wanted to play this after having recently watched Das Boot. I went looking for the Grey Wolves mod (GWX 3.0). Unfortunately, their filefront files don’t seem to be available.

Does anyone know of an alternate source for this? I tried a torrent but there were no sources. Thanks.

Download gwx3.exe and gwx3-1.bin to gwx3-7.bin

An 8-post DRM thread? I guess everyone was out flipping houses in 2006.

Huh, now it’s working, thanks! I guess it was just temporarily unavailable.

If DRM is a concern, the Silent Hunter 2 & 3 pack does not have StarForce.

The Steam version doesn’t have Starforce either. Of course, who knows how long these new fangled download thingies will last. I bet it’ll go belly up by 2010 and then how will you play the game?

Ok, raise your hands those who saw this thread and rushed off to reinstall…

/raises hand.

You ask: "Skipper, why in tarnation are you bumping the SH3 thread last bumped over 11 years ago?

I’m glad you asked. YouTuber Wolfpack345 is doing a Mediterranean career playthrough of SH3 on his YouTube channel and just started it. If you aren’t familiar with him, he plays mostly sims and does so on his channel in a highly detailed and hard attempt at realism in the games he plays. He also tells a bit of the story and history along the way making his vids well liked and fun to keep up with. None of his series have been boring so I’m sure this one will prove the same. If you have some time to burn during the days/weeks ahead as he does this playthrough, I would encourage you to watch, and maybe also fall back in love with this game.

Oh yeah I’ve been following him for awhile. His story telling and editing has gotten much better over the years.

And it’s a bit like watching a movie in that way with the cut scenes and describing the situations, etc. He’s good.

Is this still the best ww2 sub sim available? Or is that SH4?
Is it possible to install these without a mess of issues due to copy protection?

SH3, modded, is still the best and the copy protection has been so much taken care of over the years I have been moving the same install from computer to computer for 10 years.
The wide-screen is rough though, so I’d suggest sticking to the 4:3 format.