Silent Hunter 4 Deluxe Edition

I want this:

Look at all that greebly it comes with! Anyhow, has anyone heard if they are offering this in the US? I couldn’t find any reference to it except for that UK site, and I’d really rather not pay for overseas shipping on it.

Nice! That’s a Blizzard-class deluxe edition.


Can’t Afford.

I’m sad.

The spiral bound recognition manual is nice, not sure I would genuinely care about some of the other perks. But nice to see a true deluxe version coming together. Really looking forward to this game.

Yeah, indeed. That’s the main draw of this for me. I wish they’d sell it seperately.

Reading the site the recognition manual is going to be part of the Collectors Edition too, only without the pages with US Navy ranks and medals. The CE will, presumably, be a tad cheaper and not limited to 3000 copies.

Sheesh. I have yet to remove the shrink wrap from SH3. I need to add more hours to the day. 24 just isn’t cutting it for me.

Can anyone tell me the appeal of submarine warfare in the Pacific? I mean, weren’t IJN anti-sub forces inadequate and poorly equipped in the first place?
At least the War in the Atlantic saw the Germans start off strong technologically and then get outstripped by the Allies.
Enquiring minds want to know.

It lets Americans play with US ships and kick ass in the name of good ole US of A. There’s a big market for that.

There’s always the thrill of sneaking into a IJN carrier task force. But basically it’s a turkey shoot on Merchants. I found this at a website called

"One of the weakest parts of the Imperial Japanese Navy prior to World War II was that very little attention had been paid to protecting merchant ships against submarine attacks. Even after the war started, it wasn’t until late 1943-early 1944 that a effort was made to increase the amount of resources devoted to ASW. By that time, it was a matter of too little, too late. No ahead-firing weapons equivalent to the Hedgehog or Squid were developed, although an ASW projectile for many naval guns and a simple mortar for merchant ships were introduced late in the war.

This low priority can be seen in the performance of the USA submarines vs. the Japanese ASW efforts. Japanese surface ships sank 17 USA submarines, aircraft sank eight and one was shared. In addition, one British submarine was sunk by aircraft and one by surface ships. By contrast, Allied Submarines sank 1,152 Japanese merchant ships of 4,861,317 gross tons, with the USA submarines accounting for about 98% of the totals. An equally impressive number of Japanese warships were sunk by submarines, with the giant aircraft carrier Shinano being the largest."

Funny, most of the famous sub attacks that I knew about were IJN vs. US Navy…Saratoga OOC and the Wasp sunk.

oh my god that looks awesome. I still have plenty of playtime left with SH3 however… but damn that is really nice.

Damn right it does. And I’ve been looking for a new place to put my weed in for ages.

WOW. That is so classy and awesome. I don’t ever remember UBIsoft doing that kind of SE before.

man i can’t wait to iron that patch onto my favourite jacket!!!111111111

Hmmm so is that not available for the US?

This would have been a slam-dunk, must-buy package for me if they’d included a folding cardboard periscope.

Better yet a big greasy rag that you can throw at a visiting photographer/significant other.

awesome, they’re including a recognition guide. I had to make my own for SH3. I’ve got the PDF of it somewhere if anyone wants it.

It’s in booklet form, and you fold the double-sided printed pages to make a folding booklet that you staple through the spine. I even offset the margins of each page to counter page creep so that you can trim it properly.

Found a link at the forums with a bunch of screenies

Thanks for that. Looks like the graphics have made a big jump from SH3, and that’s saying something.

Sorry, Captain Harlock. The Yamato’s going down!