Silent Hunter IV - Pacific Campaign

Silent Hunter IV - Pacific Campaign

Silent Hunter IV - Pacific Campaign is slated to begin early 2006. Ubi is assembling a dev team from the SH3 group and new programmers.

For more subsim news, point your helm to:

That’s all for now, remember to hold on when you hear the splashes.

Good hunting!
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Bit of a suprise but glad news :)

I had no idea that SH III sold enough units to have a sequel. Great news!

Yeah, this is good news, now I can’t wait until I upgrade so I can actually play Silent Hunter III. ;)

heh, me too. :D

Hahah, I love that picture. I am so saving it. If you know of any more versions please point them out to me. Thanks!


Please include brit subs, please include brit subs.

yay! totally deserves a sequel, glad III did ok.

Woohoo! Wow, that is a fantastic Christmas Present (news). Yea!

I notice that announcement doesn’t say which side you’ll play. Naturally I would assume it would be from the U.S. but in the past I had read that the devs were interested in the Japanese perspective. Not that that’s bad, I’d be interested either way, but I’d be sold if I could relive the Silent Service days in all of SH3’s glory.


I was hoping against reason that SH4 would be Silent Hunter in Space. It worked for the Leprechaun.

Oh, man, playing Jap subs would be great, but I can’t imagine Ubisoft is that brave. Still, I’d love to those Romanians who did SH3 put their atmospheric work into rendering an American submarine crew in the Pacific.

BTW, in lieu of more actual info about SH4, maybe we can derail the thread and discuss whether ‘Jap’ is derogatory? I say it isn’t.


I dunno, I don’t think Jap is derogatory either, but I could be wrong considering what a cracker I am. ;)

If Jap isn’t, is Nip? What about Jerry?
Anyway, I won’t go into it, Uncle Duncan spent his three years in Changi and our cultural memory runs deep.
As for SH4, HELL YES!

I guess it’s true after all then - the head honcho at UBI is a subsim fan. Either that Chuck Norris “persuaded” them to make another one.

Hopefully they’ll just take the existing engine and improve on it as I really don’t want to wait 2 or 3 fucking years for it to come out.

Productions is set to begin early 2006 with a 2007 release. Short schedule but that sounds reasonable enough given its mostly the same team and they have SH3 to build off.

Rats, I was hoping they’d been working on SH4 and it was due out sometime in 2006. :(

As for ‘Nip’, I guess I can understand why being referred to as ‘Nipponese’, particularly shortened to ‘Nip’, might be derogatory. But shortening ‘Japanese’ to ‘Jap’ doesn’t seem like much of a slight. I’ve had it edited out of articles, so I think there’s a perception – perhaps correctly, which is why I ask – that it is offensive.

And I don’t get why ‘Jerry’ would be offensive. That sounds entirely harmless. Hell, even affectionate, as in: “Christoph Nahr, you ol’ Jerry, you!”


If “Jap” is derogatory, what’s the equally concise but acceptable equivalent? I can’t be saying JAP-A-NESE every goddamned time I’m explaining my fetishes to the people who work at the porn store.

That is a surprising good reason to keep using that word. Don’t we have any japanese members here that could answer this?

I too would like to see a sub sim that lets you also play Japanese subs of the WWII, but even if it only lets you control of one country, American, British, Japanese, it is going to be great to re live the good experiences of Silent Service.

Hi! I’m a rich industrialist. Have fifty million of your Earth Pounds to make this game.