Silent Hunter V - like living in a real WWII sub minus the boredom

Worked fine for me as well recently on 64-bit W7.

I found this thread and am going to try the fixes noted later on. I’ll report back when I have results one way or another.

In SH5, I get this really annoying bug that if I’m walking around outside the sub, every time I turn my viewpoint I get a .5 second stutter. This stutter only exists while walking around outside the sub. Manning the deck gun, no stutter. No stutter in periscope or walking around the inside of the sub. Only outside.

It’s extremely annoying. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Arise! Or Blow Ballast! or something like that. So I somehow got watching former YouTuber OneFJef’s SH4 Let’s Play campaign and got a hankering to play some Silent Hunter again. I have the Silent Hunter 4 Gold from Gamersgate that i bought almost 10 years ago, but when I go to install it, at the end of the install I get a “Catastrophic Failure” error message and the game doesn’t install. I tried installing Ubisoft Connect and using the key that came with the game but Connect says it’s not a valid key. I could always rebuy it for Connect, but that seems like a waste of money. I see that SH 5 is one of two games in my Library on Connect. I remember getting it for free or for very cheap a long time ago in some kind of deal from Ubisoft. Does anyone know if SH5 is worth playing these days? I seem to remember there being lots of issues way back when but I wonder if things have been all cleared up. Would I be able to use mods with the Connect version of the game I wonder?

It’s still worth playing imo, but go look at the subsim forums and get some mods from there.

The wolves of steel megamod is a lot of fun and really opens up the game while fixing a bunch of issues from what I recall. Lots of info on sh5 over there, well worth a look.

Thanks. I tried SH3 (?) a few years ago and the mods were something of a trainwreck - I had resolution and stability issues and returned it. I’ve had SH5 on my wish list but that experience scarred me.

This one?

It was a few years ago that I dived (wehey!) into it, but yeah that looks like that one.

I’ve always wanted to get into modded Silent Hunter because I hear the campaigns are fantastic, but I’ve never known where to start. This looks pretty good.

Installing now. I’m one of those weird people where installing, modding and getting the game going is actually the game, rather than playing it itself. I wonder if I should just play the base version first. One problem that I find with a lot of these mods is that it ups the realism to where it really isn’t fun for a casual player anymore.

Oh please play some and report back.

Well I’ve the point where i download the mod and it won’t let me. Do I have to be a paying member? I don’t think I’ve downloaded anything from them today so I can’t imagine I’ve surpassed my daily limit.

I never paid to download anything from subsim, I believe you just need to sign up to the forum

GWX is a must have for SH3 and it’s not that big of a pain to install.

Ok I think I have got everything set up now. Initial loading times are pretty long. Won’t have time to try it out tonight other than maybe trying a tutorial.

Please try SH3 :-)

There is/was some ‘helpful’ guy in the Steam forum for whatever megamod I was using and he was on and off helpful/rude.

Is SH3 + GWX still the final word in Sub sims in general? If I want to blow things up using maths, is it worth looking at anything else?

it’s so pretty darn wonderful i still carry an install from computer to computers, although the interface got borked somehow in the process over the years.

if you want a different type of math, there is distant waters.

The SH games are a real rabbit hole to go down, but worth it in my opinion if you like the general idea of it. I spent quite a bit of time with 3 and loved it. It’s clunky and weird, and can be really obtuse, but the campaign captures a neat feel. You get the strong sense that you are probably going to get ganked, and are likely to not sink anything lol. It can be a very tense game when you’re silent running 10 feet off the bottom and worried about your tin can imploding if you stay there any longer. One of the original “emergent gameplay” games I think.

I can’t recall which it was, maybe SH2? One of them. But yeah, the feeling of anticipation with the start of a new patrol, the frustration of a perfect setup on a convoy spoiled by a nosey escort, the terror of those depth charges inching closer and closer, the thrill of actually getting some fish into a fat target, and getting away. Almost makes me want to try the stuff y’all are talking about.