Silent Hunter V

I remember the two issues at release being bugs and Ubi’s always-on DRM. Have they been addressed in subsequent patches? Gamestop has the Gold version on sale for $17.50, and I’m wondering if it’s safe to take the plunge (pun intended).

I also remember reading that it was friendlier to non-simheads than previous versions. Is that the case?

UbiFail will always be attached to the game, so I wouldn’t even bother asking on that one. As for bugs, I hear it has received plenty of patches but most people seem to prefer a modded SHIV to SHV. Of course, the last time I was tempted was several months ago so things may have changed. Anyone else want to chime in?

UPlay is still part of the game, but Ubisoft added an offline mode so you can play without an internet connection after the initial install/activation. Bugs and game quality I can’t comment on.

its very pretty, especially with a mod or two. well worth the 20 bucks imo

Last time I played it (a few months ago) it still wipes out my charts between saves. It also resets fleets and sets back progress 50% of the time (after a save, exit, and return). I think their “cloud saves” system is not even remotely functioning. I could not find a way to just save locally.