Silent PC troubleshooting failarity

I went to a bunch of trouble to buy an off-the-shelf silent PC with modest gaming capabilities and this is what it’s gotten me–hilarity.

I can’t tell if my PC is on or off–it’s that quiet. Har de har har.

So when my screen just FADED off, I immediately suspected my video card (an actively cooled Sapphire HD4670 card–not some passive one without a fan that would typically melt–though I have one of those too that I’ll try swapping in later) but couldn’t tell if my PC overall had shutoff…

…since I had taped over the single LED on the tower with black electrical tape.

Wow. I failed even worse than usual and posted this in Games not Hardware. Need more coffee. Can someone move this post?

Just stay where you are, sir. Reported Cat is en-route.

Also, we could turn this into a “PC Gaming is d0med” thread.

Obviously he should have used the main deflector fire tachyon doodads at the video card, and thus I vote for moving this thread to Movies.

quote of the week.

I’ll be honest, mashakos: declaring your OWN quote of someone else’s text as the best use of the QUOTE tags is pretty arrogant.

lol, fixed :)

now i know why my PC does its damned best to give an impression of a nuclear reactor, including cherenkov radiation; it just wants me to be sure its on lol!