Silent Storm: it OUT?

Has anyone in the US played it?

Yep. It’s nice, more ja2ish than ss.

(its both in one box)

Do you need to complete the first game before playing Sentinels, or can you play Sentinels stand alone as a separate game? Are PKs gone?

I like that sound of that. But in what way(s) is it more like JA2?

You work for money in a mercenary environment.

PKs are still there, apparently a lil’ more fun now (faster? I havent gotten to them).

I havent had time to really get into it, but it doesnt make you play through the original game at all.

The main fuckup this time is even less random missions…

There is some nice new equipment, no huge new features or anything.

I’d gush about it but it’s been awhile since I’ve been in a TBS mood so I havent played in a bit. Saving it for a lull I guess.

The enemy AI is better and the difficulty level is completely customizable, both great additions. The financial management aspect really adds a lot, too.

Anyone know somewhere to buy this? Gogamer doesn’t have it any more

As always, the dudes at Interact seem to be on the ball.

I’d really love to see a detailed impressions of Sentinel by anyone who’s played it. I bounced off the first SS as I felt I was being forced to play Comera Commander instead of the game. Also the turn waits were painfully slow, and the troops seemed lame and wimpy. Is any of this improved in Sentinels?

I found the AI pretty bovine, and sort of lost interest after I realised that. If they introduced some quality squad based AI I’d be all over it like a rash, despite some of its drawbacks like the feature-thon rpg type system, but I’m not holding my breath.

I played and enjoyed both games. As others have said, it’s basically a dungeon crawl (more accurately, a mission crawl). There’s no real “role playing” to be done. The engine does give you almost unprecedented control over the facial appearance of your character. Whoopee.

No real stats (since they’re basically fixed) but there is an elaborate skill tree, different for each character class.

It’s all about the turn-based combat. If you like the almost puzzle-solving nature of the tougher combat sequences in Fallout, you’ll like these games. Really, this is what Fallout: Tactics should have been.

What they do well:
Turn-based combat.
At higher difficulty settings, it gets pretty damn hard. One mistake and people are dying. APs, skills, guns, grenades - I found it all very enjoyable, challenging, and satisfying.

Provide cover. Shoot through walls and floors. Blow stuff up.

Graphics are nice.

Voiceovers are funny.

What’s not so good:
The game is basically just a string of missions. If you want something more than that, you’ll be disappointed. The rest of the game (base, vendor, hospital, etc.) is really underdeveloped.

Voiceovers are funny.

Random missions do not have nearly enough variety.

Some regular missions are boring.

Panzerkleins are pretty tedious. Poor design choice.

Very crappy end-game missions for both games, though the Sentinels final mission is WAY crappier than the original game.

GRAR! I just installed this again, hoping to while away the afternoon with it, but it doesn’t work on Win7! At all!

sob sob

Actually it does, assuming you have the same problem I & others do which is too much RAM.

If you go into your setting and turn RAM down to less than 3GB (I think) and restart your computer you should be able to play the game.

You will then have to change back and restart again when you are done playing.

If you google it you will find some info; it is very easy - I can do it and am not overly technically minded.

I am not at home and can’t quite recall whether it was less than 3 or 2GBs; I know that I had to set it lower than what the Google info said to get it to work on my machine anyway.

Somebody found a way to hack the exe to circumvent that error in the original game (link)

Sadly, that patch doesn’t work for S3 as - obviously - the bytes are different, so I skipped it, because modifying system memory every boot was a bit bothersome for my tastes.


Haven’t played Sentinels. Played the first game, and liked it up until the Panzerkleins showed up (though I felt the maps were kind of small, and the engine sluggishly slow on my computer at the time). Also bought Hammer & Sickle, but the box mysteriously was missing the game disks, and I never went back to GameStop for a replacement/refund…

Definitely a case where a company created a great engine - barring the sluggish performance - that could have been (re-)used in more or titles or mods (other than the crapola Night Watch series of course). JA3 using this engine would have been awesome!

…does this seriously work? If so, joy of all joys! Angels singing hallelujah, bright lights from the heavens, all of that stuff.

God I wish someone would make a good fully destructible tactical squad game like Silent Storm or X-COM or ilk. In a new, awesome, sweet engine. Hell, use Red Faction: Guerilla’s engine, throw together random buildings with modular map programming.

Damn it would be fun to see the inside of a Skyranger again, all lit up in 1080p.

The only way to do it these days is to do it yourself. =) I’ve given up on anyone making a good TBS mecha (with mechs more like Votoms than big giant robots) game, so that’s why I’ve been looking into hobby development.

Ah, Silent Storm, a flawed classic where the total game experience failed to live up to expectations. The individual tactical bits were entertaining, but everything else was broken in some way. The XP system was broken (unused characters got more XP than active participants), the destructible terrain was downright flimsy (a couple machinegun bursts could destroy a wall), the plot was terrible (German patrols in the English countryside?), and don’t even get me started on the panzerklein “tank suits.”

  • Alan

They would just re-make a TB classic in real-time in order to appeal to a larger audience. :/

Have you tried GearHead? Admittedly, it goes by sort of a “everything and the kitchen sink” mantra, and none of the individual components are especially polished.

Err, missed the relevant bit. :/

The over-the-top destructibility is my favourite feature in the whole game. I think it’s perfect.

I’m not denying that it’s a broken game though.