Silent Storm: it OUT?

Until one grenade blows out the entire stairwell and you cant get to the Upper Floor …

It’s like the whole world is made out out balsa wood, styrofoam and rice paper.

I prefer it to be more JA2 like - casually tossed grenades take out the personnel, but only do minor damage to the structure. (Maybe some soft furnishings get ripped up)

Blowing walls and serious structure should be done with deliberately placed and planed C4 / TNT.

Silent Storm… Sigh. Too bad the devs decided to switch their focus to developnig kinda good Heroes 5 and completely mediocre freemium MMO (can’t even remember the name). Then again, the switch probably brought them piles and piles of money but it’s still a shame. :)

Nonsense! The insane levels of property damage are precisely why the game is awesome! Plus the only reason to have an engineer is to sneak up, plant dynamite on a wall, then back away while your sniper shoots it, blows out half the wall, then your soldiers fire their PIATs (bwoiiiiing!) at load-bearing walls to collapse the whole structure.

The game runs entirely on Rule of Awesome.

You cannot get to the upper floor any longer because you (or the enemy) blew away the stairs? What to do?
Why, make it so there no longer IS an upper floor.


I never got far in Silent Storm because I got tired of reading a book during the 15-minute AI turns when they were deciding IF they were going to blow up the stairs.

Think of it like Dominions except the AI won’t betray your non-aggression pact, and is likely to always be in a state of open hostility.

You can even do things like give your medic a heavy machine gun and have him bound forward for covering fire. That’s kind of like putting a Berserker Pelt on your Prophet, right?

You talk a lot for a guy who regularly blew his troops’ ears off with poorly-thrown grenades in Silent Storm.

My wee French medic would get surly if he didn’t get patients to treat.

Awesome awesome AWESOME:

This totally fixed my Sentinels problem. I just played for WAY too long, and man, was it good to be back. Now to reset my memory usage and go to sleep! Thanks, guys!

Jesus fuck this game is hard. I always forget; don’t try to pop out, shoot, and get back to cover every round. Let the baddies come to ME!

this game needs to show up on GOG.

Hell yes it does.

Also, I figured it out, with help from the FAQ at Gamefaqs: Do lots of random encounters before taking the first battery of missions. The dude there recommends having 6 dudes in your squad before taking on any of the main missions. Which will take a few random encounters, as you have to make a LOT of money to hire dudes.