Silicon Valley (HBO)


Did you watch it from the first season? I don’t know, maybe it works better for people who only know some buzzwords about Silicon Valley and the computer/software industry and not so much for the people who really know what’s going on. Overall I find the show hilarious. Of course, this show is a Mike Judge joint (he of Beavis and Butthead, and King of the Hill fame), so his particular brand of humor may not be for everyone.


I thought the opener last night was pretty good. In fact, the opening scene of the video “conference” made me lol several times.


I love that they brought back Russ Hanneman! And in such fine form, too…


I liked Dinesh’s “I am not a part of this!” “Please do not sue me!”


Yeah, his very loud and profane discussion at the school grounds (and the eventual punch line) were hilarious.


I’m relieved this episode was hilarious. The focus group at the end was priceless.


…as was the bit where the spiritual advisor guy kept coming up with excuses for why there was no evidence for the accusation he’d just made.


…and I didn’t find it all that funny. Different strokes, I guess.


“It’s a water animal…”


I really like this season so far, and I’m glad to see Dinesh and Big Head might have larger roles.

Those focus test scenes are always some of my favorites, and that ending got a solid laugh from me.

"Now, Carl, you said the new sign-in page made you nervous.”


You know that extra crisper space Ying Yang won is gonna get filled with octopus. Everyone else’s salads and oranges are gonna taste like octopus.


That ending scene was amazing.


I liked the Tom Cruise makeover Dinesh had gone under.


Whatever gets more of that stuff in your hair.


Yeah I feel like the whole epsiode two was just a setup for that final ending scene. They sure killed off the chat product quickly in the narrative… I guess everyone’s gonna have to work on Richard’s New Internet.


A fun review of Silicon Valley in National Review of all places.


Man, if Erlich reads that article he’s going to be insufferable for the next few days.


You could say it might give him a big head.


Now that was more like it.


The Shazam for Food (See-Food) actually sounds like a great idea.

A new de-centralized internet sounds good too, but if they end up doing that on the show, I’ll be resentful that we don’t get one in real life.