Silicon Valley (HBO)


I’m not hiring him he “uses spaces not tabs” Can you get anymore inside tech?

I do really like the idea of a decentralize internet, I think it would really hard to build the great firewall if cellphones were servers…


I’m glad they’re featuring more Jian Yang! His non sequitur style insults have always been some of my favourite parts.



It’s also a call-back:


and the best part is they really made an app:




Really well done.Emily did the whole interview with a straight face.
Seefood is now on my homepage of my phone.


Was that Haley Joel Osment in tonight’s episode as Erlich Bachman’s latest ass-backwards fall into relevance?
I saw his name in the credits and was shocked. At first I couldn’t figure out who he’d played.


It was indeed.


And it’s worked on every hot dog and non-hot dog we’ve tried it on all weekend!


I’m dying to know what was on Gilfoyle’s phone.


Ha! Tonight’s episode was worth it for the mariachi version of “Walking on Sunshine” alone!
Well, that and Erlich Bachman’s earnest mansplaining of mansplaining (man, I don’t know how the show survives without him next season).


Yeah, this episode was so good. I have to admit, I suddenly want a smart fridge now.


Best of the season, so far.


He’s leaving the show?!


Yes. Some gossip apparently of him being difficult to work with. Dunno.


In interviews they make it sound more like conflicts with him doing more films and wanting to get back to doing standup. Also that he feels there’s not much left to do with the character.


Pause the screen on Guilfoyle’s code. It comes up right before the final scene with the fridge… :)


Damn that will be a loss. Great episode though.


The latest episode about patent trolls, may have stolen elements of the script from a movie about patent trolls.