Silicon Valley (HBO)


Huh, I disagree. The patent episode was one of the worst for me.


This part:

Perhaps the most egregious offense, Lybrand says, is the line, “You trolled the trolls,” delivered by Silicon Valley’s Zach Woods. That’s effectively the tagline of Lybrand’s film, and the line is repeated in one form or another multiple times in his movie. “This type of plagiarism is definitely illegal. Trademark or copyright infringement, for sure… and I’m still not sure if it counts as irony.”

Kinda makes me think about Trump claiming invention of “prime the pump.”


That phrase seems like low-hanging fruit that plenty of people could’ve independently dreamt up.


Not to mention it’s been part of the Internet lexicon for years.


This is amazing. A guy writes a script based on evil dudes using questionable similarities between works to force payouts. One guess painting those guys in a bad light.

Then somebody releases something probably superficially resembling said script and he goes ballistic, basically becoming one of the guys he wrote about???

Oh the irony.

Or the free marketing/fake outrage. Because that’s what this smells like. Although one can’t know anymore.


Yup. “Trolling the trolls” has been a thing since the days of AOL chat.


At least they warmed up. Also: The script writers must really hate Palmer Lucky :)

Poor Elrich! I did read on reddit that people thought they might get him out of the series by suicide, but at least he survived this.


Heh, I guess Keenan Feldspar really is supposed to be a Palmer Luckey analog.


So was that the finale last week, or is there a new one tonight?


The finale is next week.


That was a great episode.

I love that Richard’s petty self-destructive tendencies are finally getting addressed. As is his descent into moral decay, following in Gavin Belson’s footsteps. We in the audience could see some of these things for a while, but in that security office, for a fleeting moment, Richard was forced to see them as well. He got bailed out though, and probably won’t learn that lesson.


Btw, when Dinesh was being given the remote pinapple and a killswitch, I was dying.


Just reading your post made me start laughing uncontrollably again. The look on his face…

“I’ll get as many of those fuckers as I can!”
“We’ll be rewarded in the end!”


Yeah the VR story arc is quite strong, and Mr. Feldspar is brilliantly cast. Hopefully this one will go out with a bang!


Yeah, we will have to see though. Jared really looked changed after all that. And Jared has been able to talk Richard into sense in the past. Some incredible acting from Zach Woods too. “As a product of forced adoption myself…”

He is seeing Richard turning into Gavin Belson, and that is very troubling for him.

The final Sting at the end was amazing. Loved Jin Yiang just throwing Bachmann on the plane. “A loud man is here to see you.” Such a great episode. I loved all of the Palmer Luckey parallels, including the very Time magazine cover esque posters at the convention. Haley Joel Osment is awesome in this role.


Loved the prison scene, and the posters at HooliCon reminiscent of a certain cover of TIME magazine.


That line was fantastic. Also: “Uncle Jerry’s Game.”


Hah, that was not the meaningful ending you give to a character who’s arc has reached a natural conclusion. T.J. Miller must have basically been fired.

Edit: Or he must have quit abruptly. I don’t know if either side is to blame, but the episode certainly gives the impression that there was no grand plan for his exit. If there hadn’t been an announcement already that he was off the show, that would just seem like a natural place for him to end this season, before showing up again next season with some goofy new enlightenment angle or something.


Got to be one of the laziest written exits of a major character


This should clarify Miller’s exit a bit. Sounds like he really didn’t like Alec Berg/Thomas Middleditch: