Silly grognard! Anno 2070 is for kids!

Title Silly grognard! Anno 2070 is for kids!
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When December 2, 2011

As a city-builder, Anno 2070 is as hardcore a strategy game as you could want. But it's also got something I haven't seen in a strategy games since RollerCoaster Tycoon: an almost childlike sense of charm and wonder..

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Darn it, Tom. I did not need you to tell me Anno 2070 is this good on the same day I listened to you and Jason enthuse over The Old Republic: Online beta and shelfishguy reminded me that the next three days without access to Battlefield 3 are going to be painful indeed. And I just started to click with Saints Row 3 yesterday. I don't see how I'm going to fit All Zombies Must in later this month.

I am just rounding the 25 hour mark and the lack of an overview screen is becoming close to game breaking for me. Part of the fun in the early game is micromanaging all your resource plots and factories to make sure they are all operating efficiently. Once your population is sufficiently large it becomes impossible to do this, the only indicators you really have are the up and down arrows in on the warehouse screen. At this point, I need hard numbers, how much I am producing and how much my current population actually needs.

Such a screen could break the game and result in you just playing from the spreadsheet view. To keep things balanced, maybe it could be a city planning office that unlocks when an island hits 5,000 population. The first report would be free, subsequent ones would cost a chunk of credits. I would pay good DLC money for such a building.

I'm getting it in the mail today if I'm lucky. Though it hardly matters, as I'm stuck in Skyrim at the moment...