Silly hardware from companies starting with A

AOpen makes a P4 motherboard with a tube pre-amp for the built-in audio processor (click link on page for details).

And Abit makes a GF4 4200 graphics card with a thermal exhaust vent (scroll down to the OTES section) that causes the card to occupy two slots and produce 52 dbA of noise, according to PC Professionell where I read about these two… ingenious… products.

I saw some preview of that Aopen board with the tube. I imagine that tube gets insanely hot after a little while.
OTOH, I think that Abit video card is kinda cool (no pun intended). Most people I know with a GF4 have some type of blower taking up the PCI slot underneath the video card anyway. With that amount of noise though, is the exhaust fan running on 2 cycle or regular gas? :wink:

Decibels are exponential like the richter scale. 52 decibels is like a quiet conversation (about 50dB), and about 100 times quieter than a tame restaurant (around 75dB.) I really don’t notice the OTES over the stock P4 fan I have. =/

Stupid trivia observation, but I thought the richter scale was logarithmic, not exponential. Or maybe that’s the same thing. Logarithmic growth is exponential growth to a factor of 10? I am not even sure why I am asking this. If there any mathletes in the crowd who can explain the difference between logarithmic and exponential growth, I would be curious for no particular reason.

Fucking audiophiles. They should all die. Die die die. Die.

Tubes on a PC is just plain ridiculous.

Think of the logarithm as the “reverse” of the exponent. Thus:

log(10) 1000 = 3
10^3 = 1000

The log is a way of finding the exponent required to give you the number, so as above log(10) 1000 is asking what number does 10 (the base) need to be raised up to to give me 1000? The answer is 3.

In terms of growth, the exponent grows faster than the log. In the above example, 10^x grows alot faster than log(10) x. Think about it: if x=1000, then 10^x = 10 raised to the 1000 power, while log(10) x only equals 3.

And now for a word on nutrition…

Quiet conversation is way too loud for a PC, unless you’re working in a noisy office or you’re already deaf because of rock music. 8)

Good PC fans (i.e. those that you have to buy separately and which are specifically designed for silent computers) should produce 30-40 decibels, no more. I don’t doubt that your P4 fan is as loud or even louder than the OTES but that just shows how crappy stock fans are.

Oh I’m not disagreeing that 52dB is too loud. Thing is, I have other problems - like my power supply fan (brand new and already whistling) and P4 fan. Complaining about the OTES is like complaining about the environmental impact of the dust cloud brought up by the collapse of the WTC. :)

Putting a happy face after the words “collapse of the WTC” is in poor taste, man. The environmental effects of the WTC dust cloud include my sister’s respiratory problems (she works a block away).

If you wanted to say that noise levels are relative, you should have just said that.

I’ve just assembled the most quiet computer I’ve ever heard. It’s a Shuttle SS-51. The hum of the subwoofer is louder than the system fan.

What’s wrong with tubes, other than heat? Tube amps make some great sound.

There’s nothing wrong with tubes… in an amp.

There’s plenty wrong with tubes on a mother-board. DSP technology has gotten so precise that it can perfectly emulate any sound. The only reason -anyone- would -ever- want tubes is when -creating- the music or sound to begin with, not -replaying- it. It’s defeatist and useless.