Simcity 4 Locksup -- WTF

So I get Simcity 4. It locks up like a mofo, and I can make the thing lockup by just zooming in and out.

ATI Radeon 9600 Pro – latest Catalyst drivers. Any ideas for a fix?

Did you check the official site? I forget exactly what the problem is, hence the question, but there’s a known issue with ATI cards and SimCity 4. You’ll have to disable a feature or two, IIRC, or even rollback to an older set of drivers, I don’t remember.

The two best places to check are:

Hope this helps.

This game is the most annoying game to get working that I’ve dealt with in the last 2 years.

I mean, WTF is so hard? It’s a 2d game!

It’s a disappointing game anyway. Skip it.

It rocks. Don’t skip it.

Also, I’ve never had any problem with the game and my 9600 Pro.

Bob, which drivers are you using?

I’m currently using 4.3, but it’s possible that I haven’t played the game since before that, when I was using 3.7.

I’ve been meaning to play it recently anyway, so I’ll give it a shot in a bit and see if I have any problems.

EDIT: Just played a little. I wouldn’t infer anything from such a short time except that you said that zooming specifically was a problem. Anyway, no problems. Using Catalyst 4.3, running at 1024x768x32 in hardware with all graphic options on and set to high.

Well, even Software Rendering crashes. It crashes to desktop, not a hard lock, so I suppose that’s a bit better.

Still doesn’t work.

POS game. EA Tech support doesn’t even appear to be responding to my emails.