SimCity Creator review

I’m angry. I’m angry because I really like SimCity Creator. If I didn’t like it so much, I wouldn’t be angry.


Oooh, an auld-fashioned documentation rant! Well done. You’d think they’d do an ass-kicking tutorial to get Wii gamers up to speed.

Guess those in the know will have to hit the strategy guides.

Ah, I still remember the Populous/Sim City issue of CGW and thinking “What the hell kind of games are these?” Good times.

Damn. I’d had it sitting around from GameFly for about a week and just couldn’t be bothered to play it. Most indicators pointed to ‘suck’.

Oh, well - as if there weren’t enough coming up anyways …

“City-building games belong in the living room”

Why oh why the living room? I’m so baffled by this statement that I couldn’t read any further.

I like the idea, this is something I could see getting my fiance into. But having gamefaqs open while playing, and not even cheating, isn’t fun. Oh well.

Personally, I think city builders are perfectly suited for lean-back couch-based gaming. It just felt so, well, right to be playing SimCity in the living room.

BTW, I think there was a SNES SimCity, wasn’t there?


Agree about builder games ideal for the living room … I’ve yet to find one that quite catches me right.

My Life as a King was cute, but it didn’t have quite the sim angle I’d been looking for. I’m hoping Kingdom for Kefling catches better.

Though I’ll have to keep Creator in mind for when this seasonal madness passes …

Ah, indeed. I played that a lot back in the day, and nabbed it on the Wii (Virtual Console) a year or so ago.

Also, Populous SNES. Which I think I preferred over the PC version actually.

Simcity with a gamepad? Ugh. City builders demand a mouse and keyboard.

Why does Crispy Gamer’s site kinda blow? The content is great, but I can’t stand browsing around on there.

What’s worse is the only way to RSS the comics I have to download a toolbar?


Good article though :)

As much of a PC gaming boy as I am…please could you justify this?! Sure the hotkeys help, but it’s hardly like you’ll be zerg rushed by Newbrunswick if you don’t have your roads up in time.

Plus, with the Wii version, you use the remote to draw things like roads and zone.