Similar games to Team 17's "Stunt GP" RC Car Game?

Back in 99/2000 a tech demo and subsequent game was released on the PC (and Sega Dreamcast) that sort of flew under the radar. It was a racing game created by Worms developers, Team 17. The game was called Stunt GP, and it was as much of a racing game as it was a stunt driving game, which awarded points for pulling off tricks and stunts during an RC Car race.

This was more of an arcade racer than something like Forza 3, and it didn’t have power ups like Revolt or Super Mario Kart, this was was strictly about getting high scores by winning races and especially by pulling off crazy tricks and flips wit your stylish RC Car.

Some game play footage of the game can be seen here:
Stunt GP footage

Does anyone know of any current racing games on the xBox 360 that encourage tricks and such and awards points/multipliers/etc for them? I just got the console a cople weeks ago and know absolutely nothing about racing games on the thing, other than Forza 3, which was a pack-in game.

Even if the game isn’t strictly a racing game, I wouldn’t mind a game similar to Trials: HD but with an explicit scoring mechanism and a focus on tricks and stunts, rather than simply getting through a level unharmed.

It’s too bad that while Trackmania sometimes acknowledges that you’ve done some stupid trick during the race (generally associated with a crash), you really don’t receive any reward for them.

And wow, somebody who remembers Re/volt. I did a preview for that in CGW back in the day.

Re/Volt? I’ve still got that on my desktop, still plays beautifully!

As for stunt games, the only one that really comes to mind is Stuntman Ignition - you play a movie stuntman and have to pull off some crazy stunts to complete each scenario. I’ve considering picking this up a couple of times in the past, no idea how it holds up.

I should also mention the Project Gotham Racing series, although these don’t really fit your criteria - think serious racing on real tracks in actual cars, but with points awarded for pulling off flashy driving techniques and tricks to score kudos. PGR4 is still one of the better racers on the 360.