Simon Pegg Thinks L4D/Shaun of The Dead idea is "Awesome"

Sounds like he’s okay with the idea and wants to give his official blessing to the mod project.

Now, where’s that Cabin in the Woods mod?

Sorry, no link, but there was a planned official tie-in, but then whichever studio went bankrupt stalled that out (and you might have been aware of this). It sounded like the plan was to put a lot of the creatures in. Unfortunately, the universe is punishing me (probably you as well) so we can’t have nice things. I read this recently, but I can’t recall where. :(

Sean of the Dead mod/expansion/whatever you wanna call it would be fab.

Yeah, I know about the story behind it. I posted the details in the Cabin in the Woods thread.

Now that idea is out there, modders need to get crackin’.