Simple annoyance question

Often when I save files (music, photos, etc.) that have spaces in their name, Windows inserts a %20 in the name where the spaces are. But some of my apps have a problem with the %20. Is there a way to force Windows to not substitute %20 for a space when saving files like these? (I know, I can simply retype over the %20, but for elegance’s sake I’d like to have Windows not do this. ;) )

What program are you saving from? If it’s IE, try not using IE.

You can use underbars instead of spaces. Some programs still have a hard time reconizing spaces.

I thought the <space> -> %20 was a server-side issue.

Though Windows should automatically interpret that as a space character, I have come across rare times that it didn’t properly translate over.

I think so too. Sounds like a Unix based server hosting files with spaces in their file name.

Well, any web browser will replace spaces with “%20” in the URL because that is the proper URL code for it. If you are then doing a “save” from the web browser, it may simply be preserving that encoding.

By the way, just about every godawful MS FrontPage@Home web page I’ve ever seen almost has more spaces than letters. It ain’t just Unix.