Simple cam chat software question

I need to chat with someone and be able to move the webcam on my side to display various items, such as the whiteboard, some example items (relating to a technical issue,) etc. Due to language barriers we need the actual chatting to be in text rather than voice.

He has AIM and that seems to be the simplest approach except for one problem: once we start the chat and connect, the window on my side showing what he is seeing (i.e. my webcam video) is reduced to a small enough size I can’t really see what he is seeing. There is no option to reverse the cam windows (the cam view of his cam to me is large.) When I try Logitech’s native Vidvu app, same problem: no option to reverse which of the two windows on my side is the larger one.

Any suggestions for simple webcam chatting software that will let me reverse the window sizes? I suppose I could use something like that on the side an have the text part of the chat in AIM if I could keep both windows open at the same time.