Simple multiplayer games (recommendations?)

Yeah, it’s a recommendations thread.

Here’s what I’m looking for. I have a small group of friends that I’d love to keep up with more than I do, and trying to rope them all into getting down with some multiplayer game action is probably the best way to go about it. Problem is, some of them aren’t exactly “gamers;” the closest one of them ever gets is RCT3.

Requirements for said game:
[li]easy to pick up and play (something like 15-30 minute learning curve)[/li][li]has to be for PC[/li][li]can be multiplayed competitively with at least 4 players[/li][li]no extreme “twitch” gameplay, just light fun[/li][li]something that causes people to swear at each other always a plus[/li][li]cheap always a plus[/li][*]doesn’t take long to play a session (less than 1.5 hrs ideal, less better)[/ul]Now that I’ve eliminated most of the games I thought of at first, let me open this up and see if anyone has any suggestions.

diablo 2!

why do you insist on competitive play? is that an important requirement?

Moonbase Commander

Because there’s nothing we like more than to stomp each other into tiny bits(?)

You know, I have Moonbase Commander, but I’ve never played it, because I actually find it too confusing to learn by just playing the game. Am I missing something there?

And can you still get a hold of MC?

Little Fighters 2

Excellent suggestion, biggest point against it would be that (iirc) there’s a 4 player max. But it meets all your other requirements and is super-fun to boot. Finding legit copies may be a challenge, though…

No idea how hard it is to find now, but Moonbase Commander’s pretty simple. It’s just Worms but you can build a few buildings too.

Another vote for Moonbase Commander. It actually is really hard to find now, though.

The Underdogs had it on their site, but even if they weren’t now defunct, it was the unpatched version and refused to play nice with the patched version.


Yes! I would buy a 360 for it if they put it on XBLA.

There’s loads of copies for under $5 on Ebay.

Ticket to Ride. Fits all your requirements, except I don’t think it’s likely to make anyone swear. ;-)

In college, our whole floor was addicted to Worms freshmen year. I forget what version it was, and don’t know how the newer ones stand up, but it was a lot of fun.

I’d reccommend picking up cheap Warcraft III/Frozen Throne bundles and downloading the Defense of the Ancients map, or DoTA. The surface gameplay is exceptionally simple (not a true RTS, you only control one hero-style unit) and since the game hinges on killing each other in creative ways plenty of swearing is sure to ensue.

Spoken like a guy who’s never had a 20-point ticket blocked at the last minute.


Id suggest an RTS, and as long as none of you get to hardcore, WC3 is fine. It can devolve into a twitch game. Micro is everything in WC3 which is why I do not like it. I went to some events and watch very good players play. They were almost never on the same section of screen for more then 4 seconds. They were going nuts with the micro, base management, reconnosance, etc… I could never do that, I am just not able to processes information that fast to make sense of what I am even seeing let alone evaluate it, issue commands, and then move to a new section to do the same thing while plotting an overal strategy.

Other RTS games would be fun, or even semi-rts games. If you get rome total war (I do not know if this supports more then 2 players) you can make up armies and fight in real-time. BFME2 is a good one, and Zero hour is a lot of fun. None of those games last a real long time. They might also go for AOE III since its so pretty.

Some non-rts games id reccomend would be Diablo 2, which is old, but a lot of fun with a group of friends and non-competitive. Lots of people do not want to fight other players, so this is a good choice.

You might also consider CoH. It is a lot of fun with friends, and I think you can sign up for a month for free or something, so technically it would be free if you only played it for a month. If you like it enough, then everyone can pitch in 14 bucks a month (or however much it is).

It is hard to think of non-twitch games for the PC though. For multiplayer, the pc seems to be dominated by RTS and FPS style games, or at least that is what it seems to be like to me. FPS is proabbly to twitchy for your tastes, so that cuts a lot of choices out.

Insane is a laugh and still a favourite in our LAN sessions. Very lite driving game, lots of different modes, extreme twitch skills not always helpful.

oh yea, that reminds me, if you can find it, Carmageddon. That is tuns of fun with friends.

Moonbase Commander and Gunbound.

If you’re considering RTS games, I’ll throw out a recommendation for the Kohan series: it’s less micro-management oriented and twitch-fest-y than your average RTS, which makes it more accessible, IMHO. Its game mechanics are different from your average Warcraft clone, though, so it might take a while to deprogram anyone who’s hardwired for WC3 build queues. In fact, I think it’s easier for RTS neophytes to learn than a WC3 junkie. :-/

I think you can find Kohan II for $20 or less now. The original Kohan and Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift were available dirt-cheap, but they’ve gotten scarce. Overall, K2 is better than its predecessors, IMHO (some opinions differ), though I do miss the special units from K:AG.