Sims 2: My Wife's Cheating on Me with a Woman

the neighbor kid won’t stop peeping at us while we bathe, my son is growing and selling weed from his dorm room, and my goth daughter seems unfortunately interested in the handcuffs of the policeman who just brought her home.

Or so the latest batch of screenshots seem to hint at:

Personally I thought most of those shots were hilarious, and the original Sims certainly already gave a lot of freedom for deviance, but I wonder whether some in the media won’t be soon saying the Sims 2 is worse than pedophilia too.

I can’t wait for this game. I just hope they haven’t taken too much of the mad science out of it.

Aging. DNA. Deeper personalities. More tools for my manic Dr. Mengele-esque Sims alter ego. Can’t wait…

A better thought-out system of time management where going to the bathroom or walking from the bedroom to the kitchen don’t take half an hour. I’m just sayin’. I thought the Sims was an interesting idea, but the underlying game mechanics left me cold.

I wasn’t a big sims fan…

but after looking at the kid selling weed, goth chick with cuffs, and two chicks in undies making out…

Time to create some corrupt Springer-quality families. Weee…

My southern baptist aunt is gonna flip when I give this to my cousin as a birthday present.

For xmas, I’ll give him the photo-realistic nudie patch.

He’s growing weed right next to the WINDOW.

Hey, a brother’s gotta advertise. Especially since the cops in Simsville are apparently busy hitting on goth teenagers.

I picked up the Sims: Bustin Out and the first thing I was told to do was make out with some guy to learn how to do an action. My Sim then put on stadium-style Number One Fingers and said “woooow you’re a great kisser!” Excuse me if that puts me off, but I don’t need to live vicariously through my Sim. With each successive Sim game, they are getting more and more into the realm of perverse, and since I don’t use my games to get off, I’m finding it harder to enjoy them.

These screenshots only prove further that they have no intention of restraining themselves. I shudder to think what people are going to do behind closed doors with the Sims 2. GTA beware.

LOL! I might finally have a reason to try The Sims ! :twisted:

Here’s a strange Sim story for you.

A while back when I was living with roommates, they all decided to watch a movie in the den. For whatever reason, one of their girlfriends and I weren’t terribly interested in watching it. So, knowing she had a casual interest in the game, I dusted off my old copy and fired it up.

We decided to make one huge house, and create a bunch of Sims to represent our circle of friends. Messy Sims for the messy friends, etc. The house was beautiful, the rooms nicely decorated and furnished, and the Sims were as close as we could make them to the real thing. And when it was all said and done, all the careful planning, crafting, and designing, what happens next?

She spent the next forty-five minutes forcing the virtual boyfriend Sim to give her virtual sim kisses. Later on, I think I remember some of the more slovenly Sims peeing their pants because they lacked direction due to the constant smoochfest.

It was at that point where I gave up and decided the movie wasn’t sounding half bad.

Them womenfolk like the Sims something fierce. And Friends, don’t forget Friends…

That room is bizarrely designed. Since when does a house have stairs leading directly into the bathroom? (Also, wooden stairs in a humid environment??) And since when does a house have a wide full-size window without drapes or curtains right by the bathtub?

Its practically begging the kid to look.

Those aren’t stairs–it’s a tansu chest. Which can be used as stairs, in a pinch, but probably not in this case. But wood can do fine in a bathroom, provided you don’t leave standing water directly on it. I’ve even seen bathrooms with wood floors (though you do have to be careful with them).

The curtain-less window, though… yeah, that lady was just asking for trouble.

The “stairs” are actually a dresser.

I recognize a few of those pictures from the “funny stuff” folder at work. They are screenshots taken by testers/producers/engineers when some oddball thing or another happens. Not bugs, just silly stuff.

That particular image frightened the shit out of me. Is there not a horribly spooky quality to that kid? There is some terrible desperate message here about these little simulated people as ghostly half-souls trapped in an endless loop of cleanliness and desire. Also, I think that’s some kind of Pottery Barn supershelf, not a stairway. In any event, shiver.

Looks like fun, though!


I must admit, I have a sickness about sims games (and all others really) where I have to get them. I’m looking forward to this one.

I’m glad Sims 2 finally recognizes the financial opportunity for college students to grow and sell miniature palm trees.

Sims 2: Hot Lesbian Action! Sweet… :D

In which Sunny misses a massive come-on from a girl…

No kidding, wow.