Sims Medieval: Hawke gets busy

Title Sims Medieval: Hawke gets busy
Author Brian Rucker
Posted in Game diaries
When March 25, 2011

On the kingdom screen you can select one from a number of quests. Once the quest is selected you can chose an approach: each hero might have a different way of going about it..

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Heheh, "woowoo" may be my new favorite euphemism... or has it always been that in the Sims series?

That's what they actually call it. Though I think I invented the term "peepee jug." I'm really proud of that.

As for subscribing to my posts here, there's an RSS feed which will give you not only my entries but those of much better writers looking at other games as well.

Is it woowoo or woohoo? In the Sims 2 (yes I played it at one time ... I admit) I'm pretty sure it was woohoo. Not that it really matters though. Your blogging of this game is rather amusing and makes me almost think about buying it. What IS this lure that the Sims has over us? Even when we make fun of it, we secretly want to play it all the same.

You should join the conversation in the forums here too. A few of us crusty old gamers are trying to sort that out ourselves. The takeaway for me, at least as far as Sims Medieval is concerned, is that it has the form and consistency of an actual game without, yet, much meaningful gameplay. This still helps me find a point to playing in a way that Sims hadn't managed before (granted I've only played the original Sims and only for a little while).

So as an essentially new Sims player I'm delighted by the little computer people and how they behave and misbehave, the emergent stories (or what appear to be emergent stories - I'm not certain much has lasting consequence), and so on. I get caught up in the imaginary community, whom I've come to know by sight and name at this point, but I also can tell myself that it all means something. There are goals to complete and a kingdom to improve. That, under all the chrome, there isn't much connectedness, cause and effect, between what a character does and any global strategic meaning is almost a secondary issue. At least for now.

Once the scripted quests get old and I've seen the same enchanting and entertaining behaviors and animations for a while it's likely I'll be wanting a real RPG in there and real consequences for actions (especially for the monarch character or anyone else that passes edicts and so on).

And I think it may be woohoo. :) I'm a newbie. There should be more diaries coming soon too.

@ Brian Rucker - The inclusion of a story must by Maxis/EA's way of creating a game that won't devolve, some fifty hours later, into finding creative way to kill off the Sim generations that you now have running amuck on your computer. :) ... Um ... not that I ever did that or anything.

Dang it. I've checked the specs of Sims Medieval out and it will more then run on my computer. Looks like I'll be picking it up the moment it has a price drop.