Sims Medieval: straight outta Kirkwall

Title Sims Medieval: straight outta Kirkwall
Author Brian Rucker
Posted in Game diaries
When March 23, 2011

As the champion of Dragon Age II, Garrett Hawke's been dealt a shabby hand. After losing most of his family and many of his friends, he's cast adrift. He began as a refugee and leaves the stage, in most cases, just the same. The world in tatters and ruin behind him..

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CRC error? Is that from their DRM?

If his hair were brown he would be Marcel from Top Chef

Kunikos: I really couldn't say but given it seems to be an ongoing issue it's evidently part of something they don't want to mess with.

Nathan: Ha! Yeah, I don't think I've really got the character creator down yet. It wasn't until after I made my pseudo-Hawke that I noticed there were advanced options for facial features. I probably could have done something much better given time and talent.