SimTower --> The Tower DS

This morning I stumbled across this interesting New Yorker article about elevators and the science and technology behind them. That got me thinking about SimTower, which I enjoyed back in the day.

That’s when I noticed this bit on the Wikipedia page:

In 2006, SimTower was ported and revised for the Game Boy Advance under the name The Tower SP. A Nintendo DS version (The Tower DS) was released in Japan on June 26th, 2008.

Whoa! I want that! Has anybody procured/played The Tower DS? Does it require knowledge of Japanese?

I loved sim tower!

You can get yoot tower for free I think.

Oh man. When I was really young I once got a bundle of all the shitty Sim games + Sim Tower. I think it was Isle, Earth, and… Refinery?

Anyway those games suck so bad. Especially SimIsle. I got to Tower last and I finally understood the point of the bundle. That game is brilliant. I really liked how you could dig an elevator shaft really deep and find pirate gold. Oh, and the cheat code that gave you the three-story lobby and those pimp spiral staircases.

Are DSes region-locked?