Sin Episode 1 tomorrow: Who's buying?

I keep going back and forth on this one. I’m in the mood for an FPS and the recent trailers have me interested but I still can’t decide.

Anyone exicited about it?

I’ll try the first episode out of curiousity. I’m not much of a (good) FPS player though, so it’ll have to be really good to get me to continue the series.

Pre-ordered. I am looking forward to it. Sin-ful fun in the HL2 engine? Sounds like goodness to me.

Oh, and Fugitive. There is a new international medical symbol for choking:

I didn’t realize it was out tomorrow, I guess I should think about preloading it.

I decided to take the plunge and it’s pre-loading now. For some reason, however, I’m getting bad download speeds - around 100 kb/s, which is well below what my DSL supports. It’s not like Steam is overwhelmed either - their capacity is well above current usage.

I pre-loaded the first episode, but go fig, I won’t have internet back up until Sunday. Doh! I miss the free live week and miss out on Sin.

Can you still get the first SiN if you buy it after today?

I bought it because I decided, no matter how it plays, whether or not my card can render it at a decent FPS, I rather fancy getting hold of the original because I used to love the demo.

I’ve got it preloaded out of general interest. Although I confess, the moment I most want to see - Elexis Sinclaire being hit by a car and replaced by anyone else as villain - is unlikely to happen.


BTW, on the first (ground) level of Steam SiN 1 there’s a poster of Jessica Cannon. I assume that wasn’t in the original game?

I’m actually very interested in this game but I just don’t have the time right now to play it. Shame the price won’t go down like regular PC games.

The price is a bit of a pain because, while that might be a reasonable price for the States (I don’t know), in the UK you can get any new PC game from for £18. I wonder if the value of episode content is going to hold up over here without a local pricing scheme.

I’d like to buy more stuff online, but in my experience thus far the stores always offer better value.

In the original it wasn’t Jessica Cannon, it was Monica Lewinsky.
Who’s Jessica Cannon?

She’s the new girl in Episodes - crop-top uniform, orange hair, big gun, and no doubt incredibly fed up of coming into work every day to be told “Hey, Jessica Cannon, you’re fired.”

(Unless Ritual’s scriptwriting has advanced considerably since SiN, of course…)

Don’t forget the unnecessary waist-level garment detail.

Eh… no buy for me. Can’t overcome crappy art style. Do let us know if it’s awesome.

I’m definitely going to wait for the review on this one. If scores higher than an 8, with a minimum of 6.66 hours of entertainment ($3/hour), then I’ll try it.

Otherwise, I’ll keep looking for UBRS raids to get my damn trinket, and messing around with Guildwars.

I work for Valve, so if you’re smart, you’ll disregard what I’m about to say.

I’ve played through it two or three times over the last month, and it’s a totally competent meat-and-potatoes shooter with some intense gunfights. It’s tough, too - one of the more challenging FPSs I’ve played in a while. And I really like Ritual’s guileless commitment to hot chicks. If you’re looking for a weekend shooter fix, it’s worth 18 bucks (is it still 18 bucks? Maybe it’s 20 now.)

Also - I didn’t abuse quicksave, and it took me about, ummm, say maybe six and half hours to beat.

Pre-ordered and pre-loaded … and played some SiN 1 again recently to get primed …

I just ordered it. Download is slow for me too.

Y’know, originally I was gonna pass on this, but I’ve been on a bit of FPS kick lately (Quake IV, SWAT 4), so I may spring for it this weekend if the reviews look good.

Well, there is a retail release as well, if you wish to wait to see if you can score a copy of that cheap.