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SiN Episodes Times Nine

The SiN Episodes Website is online (thanks Shacknews) as home to Ritual’s upcoming episodic shooter sequel, offering a bunch of new screenshots and other information about the game. Also included is an Episodes Index with a listing for the upcoming Emergence, and eight more spots reserved saying “coming soon,” as well as inactive tabs on the front page for episodes 2-9. If SiN Episodes does eventually include nine installments, this would translate to between 27 and 54 hours of gameplay based on their estimate of three to six hours per episode, and if the approximate $20 per episode price point continues, this would put the cumulative price tag at about $180.

I’m preloading Emergence… still I’m not too excited about Episodic content. I suspect three months from now I’ll be bitching about the downtime between releases, how short they are, and how expensive they are.

According to GameSpot, we’ll be seeing a retail version of SiN too.

Some of you guys might find this interesting:

Can you start loading before you buy it or do you have to take the pre-order deal to do it.

How expensive I guess depends on the speed at which diffent players make it through the episodes. Considering the length of the single player components of most FPS games these days in the end it wouldn’t be much more then the retail costs of several games.

You can preload with out preordering.

Preloading now…

So does Steam only delivery mean there will never be sales?


The fact that the Steam version comes with the original “Sin” would be tempting to me, since I like scavenging old First Person Shooters that I missed the first time around. (For example, currently playing Quake: I missed it the first time around because I hated the controls, someone recently told me about +mlook. Surprise! The game is still a blast! Way, way, way more fun than its sequels).

Unfortunately, I already bought Sin in the bargain bin a few years ago. It was going fine (it’s nothing special, kind of a “meh” experience), until I ran into the first “sneaking” level. The stealth implementation is sooooo poor in that game, its just frustrating as hell. So I gave up trying, and haven’t played since.

I assume you meant sales figures since there would obviously be sales through Steam.

I read that there are plans for a retail release as well.

I figured he meant sales. You know, temporary discounts. Today only SiNePisOdE 1 ONLY $5.92!!! And it’s true, you don’t really see those with digital distribution.

Except you know, for the “preorder now for for 10% off thing” and stuff like that…

I was kinda hoping he meant sails as in “Buy Sin through Steam and get a free sail for your boat.”

It’s not Steam only though. EA is releasing it at retail for $19.99 too.

I think I’ll wait for the reviews on this one. It seems like an interesting game, but the value proposition seems weak. Seems like $60 for “one full game” worth of episodes. With Ritual going on record saying they’re profitable “way more quickly” through the Steam model, that doesn’t sound like a good deal. Isn’t the whole idea of cutting out the retail middlemen that we get cheaper games, PLUS the developer makes more money?

I tried pre-loading without purchasing, and Steam told me that all the slots were filled. So I went and pre-ordered it, and it starts pre-loading immediately. Money is like magic fairy dust!

Or: Have the same price, Earn More money.

People are already trained to pay 19.95->54.95$ for a title, so why change a winning recipe.

And they are advertising 3+6 hours per episode… 20 bucks for 3 hours doesn’t seem all that great to me.

I have to say though, after watching the trailer, it looks pretty dang cool.

Is the original Sin available w/ preorder remade with the Source engine, and is it playable online either at all or with the old Activision versions?

I am interested in getting this (Im an FPS whore) but really… Ritual isn’t an A-list developer - the original SiN was mediocre, FAKK2 was a cruel joke, Condition Zero was nonsense, etc. Elite Force 2 was probably their best game. Im just gonna wait for some reviews, but I think the fact that they’re hanging with Valve is really helping their Q-rating. I just hope it helps their game design skills too.

I think that was just a traffic thing - I had no issue this morning, but couldn’t di diddly-squat last night. I pre-ordered half-way through the pre-load … it didn’t seem to impact the load speed (which was ~650k/s anyway)

No - it is plain original. I don’t know if more resolutions are available, as I played it on the Mac originally. But it comes with SiN and SiN ‘multiplayer’ so I assume it would work with whatever version is out there.