Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

The latest Iwata Asks covers this game, and it’s a good reason to start a thread. Ships on June 27 for Wii… which unfortunately for me puts it on almost the same day as Death Smiles.

That’s two quality shooters in the same week, though. Very happy.

Anyway, if you like to read about how games are dreamed up and designed, this is well worth your time…

Iwata (Laughs)

That was a fun read. I like that Iwata and Yamagami would’ve approved the sequel the day the proposal had come in if they’d been able to meet.

There’s some really interesting stuff, and it just shows again how different the development culture is in Japan (at certain developers maybe…) than it is elsewhere in the world.

They look at the N64 controller and decide to design a game around an alternate control scheme, not sit down and create some derivative medieval universe and then graft a current game style onto that. It’s all about the game right up front, and how you’ll control it. All the other stuff comes from that.

I think this has a lot more to do with individual developers than any kind of national development culture.

Maybe, but I only ever read that kind of thing coming from Japanese devs. Everyone else seems to start with a story or a character and then designs a game around that.

Not necessarily, I read in an interview one reason why Gears of War didn’t have a jump button was because CliffyB felt it was a waste of controller space - and they engineered the controls around the placement of the buttons (“A” was used for going into cover, etc.).

This was pretty much my favourite game of last year - if you have a Wii, you really need to pick it up. It’s a constant visual barrage underpinned by pitch-perfect arcade mechanics and controls.

Yet a lot of Japanese Devs do it the other way, too.

My point is, Treasure is fucking awesome.

Yeah I got the impression that Treasure is unique AKA not a good representation of “Japanese Devs” as a whole.

I know you’ve said this a few times before, and that just makes me even more excited to play this.

Yeah, I mean it’s obviously not for everyone on here but I don’t think anyone who digs arcade shooters and/or Treasure would be disappointed.

Gamestop has a nice deal on Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. Order before 5/21 and you’ll get a 500 Wii Points card, and input code SIN on the online order page and you’ll also get free overnight shipping.

Just a reminder that this is out this week (June 27th). I’d totally forgotten until I saw the commercial infront of an IGN video.

The box art looks awesome, but I fear this game won’t do very well


Played this last night and had a great time. The controls are just as interesting as the original game but with different skills to learn. I played into Stage 2 before stopping and was amazed at the speed of the game and the variety of enemies and fights, same as the original.

It’s a great showpiece for the Wii technically, as all Treasure games seem to be for the platform they’re created upon. It’s also got a more coherent story so far than the original had, but that’s just something to give you a breather between stages.

The water tunnel is an amazingly cool backdrop for a shooter.

This is as good as everyone said it would be. Highly recommended. Also, it’s easy if you want it to be. Seems to have unlimited continues. If you want to go for high scores, the online functionality is great with simple and effective leaderboards built in.

I’d like to get this, but am having a huge case of sticker shock. $50 just seems quite pricey for a game of this ilk, especially living in a world where XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare exist. This is the sort of game that seems to feel more at home in that company than a full retail pricing scheme, I mean considering it’s brevity and leaderboard focused replayability.

I suppose I am saying this because I did just revisit the N64 game on VC as a refresher for this launch, and while I adored that experience, a whopping $40 premium for the sequel just seems a bit odd. I’ll probably never bother actually looking at leaderboards, but is there enough content to justify the pricing?

It takes less than ten hours to complete, but it’s a lot longer than the N64 Sin and Punishment. I’m not great at these games, but I played through the whole game on normal my first time through in (I think) about 6 hours.

On the other hand, not one of those minutes was filler. Every second of Star Successor is completely engaging, often brilliant and always gorgeous. I certainly didn’t feel ripped off when I finished it and while other releases have kept me away from it recently, I plan to go back to it in the next month.

It is a Treasure game, though - so if you don’t like boss fights (almost all of which are really good) it’s definitely not the game for you.

Sometimes I like to get games that are out of my normal playstyle. I never played the first one, and other then never successfully getting anywhere in Gunstar Heroes, I’ve never really played a Treasure game either. So because I’m weird or very stupid, I decided to pick this up to try something different. I’ve only played through the first 3 stages so far, but I’m definitely happy I picked it up. It’s a lot of fun and really good looking. So far it feels like it was a worthwhile purchase. I want to play more when I get the time, and I want to get a friend over this weekend to check out the co-op. I doubt I’ll care about the leaderboards, but two or three times through the game seems like it would be worthwhile and fun.

I dunno. Would you consider Street Fighter 4 worth the price, considering you can complete it in ten minutes? It’s an arcade game - most of the fun is replayability on different settings with different characters for better scores. It also has higher production values than 99% of Wii games, so seems an odd choice to complain about.

I’ve spent more time playing this game than I have with, say, Gears of War or Killzone 2, put it that way.