Sin Videos

1up has a video of Sin game play

The inital intro looks good and the game looks solid. The battles are kind of weird. I know this isn’t accurate but from the video they this HL2 meets FEAR vibe to them.

I was pretty unimpressed. It looked pretty bad compared to HL2 actually which was odd. One would think it would look as good at least but it certainly didn’t.

When is this suposed to come out anyway?


It was suppose to come out last month, we seem to be in the “soon to any day now” mode. However I haven’t watched the news like a hawk. Except for the animations, it looks to be on part with Half Life 2. The AI looks to have been bumped up a bit as well. Still, its no Far Cry or FEAR.
As I said on another forum, the Sin episodes are just a budget releases for the fans of the original game. I plan to buy them, my expectations are low so I doubt I’ll be dissapointed.

H.A.L.O.-Life 2.

What’s going on with the third arm?

You are seeing some guy pointing at the screen what they were recording the video. Yeah it looks really weird till I figured out what was going on.

It looked entirely average. They even still had a ton of the default Source effects and textures. What’s up with that?

Wow, heh, that man has the fakest looking arm I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, I noticed that. Also a bunch of HL2 props are still there.

In fact the whole thing looks a little like HL2 but… somehow… rubbish.

What’s with those badguy voice samples? Christ, I was thoroughly irritated by them by the end of the trailer. I’m not going to play a whole game with those grunts spouting the same awful lines of dialogue every three seconds.

Auuuughhhhh I’m on fire, oh my god the pain!!!